Will Failla Doubles Up

Sep 16, 2014

Picking up the action after a [Kh4h2d] flop, Will Failla bets 4,000 from the big blind. His opponent in the cutoff puts out 6,000, which is ruled to be a raise to 8,000. Failla reraises to 19,000, his opponent calls and the [Qc] hits the turn.

Failla shoves for 29,700 and his opponent calls after a few moments with [KsQd] for top two pair. Failla leads with [4c4d] for a set of fours.

"Three of clubs," says Failla.

The river is in fact the [3c], securing the double up for Failla.

Will Failla  –  108,000  (90 bb)

Failla is an ambassador for Monster Headphones, and he has a bounty on himself in every WPT event that he plays this season. Once the registration period closes, any player who eliminates him will receive a free pair of Monster Headphones.

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