Will Failla Eliminated in 13th Place ($4,920)

Nov 6, 2014

Will Failla
Mike Linster raises to 8,000 preflop UTG+1 and Will Failla (pictured) reraises all in for 72,500 on the small blind. Christophe Rosso then tanks but folds on the big blind. Linster calls and the two remaining players reveal their cards.

Linster:  [QcQs]
Failla:  [AsKd]

Board:  [10c6d4c3sQd]

Linster wins the hand to grow his stack to 308,000 and Failla is eliminated in 13th place, good for $4,920.

Mike Linster  –  308,000  (77 bb)
Will Failla  –  Eliminated in 13th Place  ($4,920)

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