Will Failla Eliminated in 21st Place by Seth Davies

Mar 1, 2016

Will Failla

Photo:  Will Failla stops the dealer to ask for the four of clubs, which would give him a set. The four of diamonds was the window card for the flop.

Will Failla moves all in on the button for about 150,000 and Seth Davies moves all in out of the small blind. Matt Lapossie folds his big blind and Failla is heads-up for his tournament life against Davies.

Failla shows Diamond 4Spade 4 and is flipping with Davies’ Diamond ADiamond 7. The dealer begins to burn and turn when Failla stops him in his tracks and begins to ask for specific cards.

“I’d like the four of clubs,” said Failla. “Can you give me the four of clubs?”

The Club 4 is the window card, giving Failla the set that he asked for, but it is followed the the Diamond 10 and Diamond 2, to give Davies the nut flush draw. The turn is the Spade 8 and Failla calls for “black cards” on the river.

The dealer can’t comply with Failla’s requests and the Diamond 9 comes on the river to give Davies the nut flush and send Failla home in 21st place.

Seth Davies – 1,310,000 (109 bb)
Will Failla – Eliminated in 21st Place ($42,880)

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