Will Failla Predicts Cards and Doubles Thru David Sands

Mar 1, 2016

Will Failla

WPT Champion Will Failla (pictured) raises to 20,000 from the cutoff and David Sands tanks for a minute before three-betting on the button. Both blinds quickly fold and Failla moves all in just as quickly. Sands snap-calls.

“That’s not good,” said Failla at the speed of Sands’ call.

Failla shows Heart ASpade Q and is in bad shape against Sands’ Diamond AHeart K.

“Queen of diamonds,” said Failla before the flop, calling for one of the three cards that help his cause.

The flop is Diamond QDiamond 9Club 4 and Failla gets his wish, finding the exact queen he was looking for. The turn is the Heart 8, keeping Failla in the lead.

“Deuce,” said Failla, calling for a specific river card this time.

The river is the Club 2 and Failla gets his wish again, doubling through David Sands in the process.

“I called all the cards,” said Failla as the dealer breaks down his stack.

It’s verified that Failla is all in for 247,000 and Sands is left on one of the shorter stacks in the room as the level nears an end.

Will Failla  –  513,000  (64 bb)
David Sands  –  65,000  (8 bb)

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