Will Failla vs. Alex Condon

Aug 24, 2014

Will Failla raises to 1,600 from middle position and Alex Condon calls out of the small blind. The flop comes [7s5s3s] and Condon checks. Failla bets 2,000 and Condon calls.

The turn brings the [5d] and Condon bets 3,500. Failla calls.

The river is the [Qs] and Condon checks. Failla bets 4,000 and Condon calls.

Failla tables [7h8d] for two pair, sevens and fives, but Condon has flopped a winning flush with [Js10s] to take the pot.

Alex Condon – 98,500
Will Failla – 50,000

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