Will Failla vs. Binh Nguyen

Mar 1, 2016

Will Failla

Binh Nguyen raises from the hijack to 24,000, and WPT Champion Will Failla (pictured) calls from the button. Both players check to the turn on a board of Diamond 5Diamond 2Spade 2Spade Q, Nguyen checks, Failla bets 25,000, and Nguyen calls.

The river card is the Spade J, Nguyen checks, Failla bets 50,000, and Nguyen calls. Failla shows Diamond KHeart Q for a pair of queens, but Nguyen turns over Spade AClub Q to win the pot with a pair of queens and a higher kicker.

Binh Nguyen  –  1,090,000  (109 bb)
Will Failla  –  350,000  (35 bb)

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