Will Nguyen Eliminated in 5th Place ($154,885)

Jul 27, 2021

Hand 76 – Will Nguyen shoves all in, totaling 1,225,000 from under the gun and Hunter Cichy snaps in the big blind, putting Nguyen at risk.

Will Nguyen: Diamond AClub 3
Hunter Cichy: Heart 9Club 9

The flop falls ace first and hits Nguyen with a rocket but his excitement is quickly extinguished when the dealer fans out the rest, with a nine hiding behind on the Spade ASpade 9Heart 7 flop, giving Cichy a set.

Elimination Will Nguyen Elimination Will Nguyen

The Heart 2 turn card seals the deal for Cichy who now has Nguyen drawing dead to the Diamond 3 river. Cichy scoops in the pot and Nguyen takes an exit in fifth place from the WPT Choctaw Main Event.

Albert Calderon – 11,700,000
Hunter Cichy – 3,700,000
Will Nguyen – Eliminated in 5th Place for ($154,885)
Dapo Ajayi – 12,200,000
Viet Vo – 10,900,000

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