Willie Wiggins Eliminated in 23rd Place ($27,400)

Nov 28, 2022

Willie Wiggins

Willie Wiggins opens from middle position to 150,000, Robel Andemichael calls on the button, and Gediminas Uselis defends his big blind. The dealer spreads Diamond 10Club 7Heart 3 on the felt and Wiggins continues for 250,000.

Andemichael calls, Uselis folds, and the Heart 4 hits down. Wiggins bets 400,000 on the sailboat and Andemichael calls to see the Heart 8 river.

Wiggins fires once more, this time betting 600,000 into the pot. Andemichael shoves with the covering stack and Wiggins snaps in the 1.5 million that he has behind, tabling Spade 4Club 4.

The set of Wiggins is not enough when Andemichael shows the bad news and flips over Heart KHeart 10 for a flush. Andemichael pulls in the chips and Wiggins is sent packing in 23rd place.

Robel Andemichael – 6,900,000 (92 bb)
Willie Wiggins – Eliminated in 23rd Place ($27,400)

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