Win A Seat, Win A House!

Nov 16, 2014


From here on in, the WPT500 gets genuinely exciting for every single player. As much as any player can give the bravado to ourselves in the media team or their fellow players, their play shows how much it means to them to make the top fifty (all of whom are guaranteed a seat into the £3,000 Main Event next week here at DTD) or the staggering £140,000 top prize, which could easily buy a very nice pile of bricks in Nottingham or across much of the country.  It’s important money now, and that affects decisions, nerves and power at the table. 

With several players up over the 1 million mark now, Dahe Liu is the first to crack two million and looks in complete control of his own nerves. 

Who will last these final two levels in for and rack up the biggest stack? 

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