Win Some Lose Some for Nil Esteve

Sep 22, 2023

Nil Esteve Photo: Nil Esteve

Back to back hands for Nil Esteve sees his stack rise then dip. First hand begins with a mid position limp, button Patrick Vo raises 2,000, small blind three-bets 3,800, big blind Ehsan Amiri calls, limper folds, Vo calls for a three-way to the flop Club JDiamond ADiamond 10. All three check. On the turn Club 10, Esteve bets 2,500 and win the pot with no takers. 

Following that hand, from the button Esteve and big blind call hijack Josh Emerton’s 800 raise. At the flop Club 6Spade 7Spade J, Esteve bets 1,400, only Emerton continues to the turn Heart 8. Esteve bets 4,500, Emerton check-raises 13,200, Emerton tanks then folds after a couple of minutes. 

Nil Esteve – 32,500 (81 bb)
Josh Emerton – 75,000 (187 bb)

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