Winning And Losing At Once

Nov 10, 2014

Some hands can feel like a win, even when they lose, from just saving chips. Some winning hands can feel like a hit to your hopes. An odd one just played at the richest table of the six remaining here on Day 1a of the WPT-500 in Nottingham. 

Satnam Sandhu has been hovering around the top of the chip-counts for hours now, and he is one of five players to call a min-raise from Brandon Sheils pre-flop. That means a pot of 30,000 and a flop of [7d6c7s] does nothing to slow the action. Sheils continues for 7,600, called only by Sandhu and Havacs Zsolt. The turn of [6h] leads to a check from Sheils, the same from Sandhu, but a bet of 15,000 from Zsolt. Sheils quickly tosses his cards into the muck, but Sandhu patiently counts out a call. 

The river is a [4d] and Sandhu checks to Zsolt, who bets 35,000. Sandhu shoves over the top! Zsolt calls! On their backs… 

Sandhu: [7c9d]
Zsolt: [Ah7h] 

Zsolt is apoplectic, slamming the table, and mock-berating the dealer for "finding the six". Sandhu calmly adds his share of the chopped pot to his spoils so fr, which put him in the Top 3 chip-counts for sure. 

Two different players and attitudes to winning a pot..! 

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