Withering Watts

Sep 6, 2014

Steve Watts’s stack looks a little worse for wear, and a little chat tells us that he lost a chunk in a four bet pot, holding aces, when his opponent turned a set of tens. 

Then this happened.

It’s a un-raised family pot with five players in the hand. Nobody seems that interested in the all club flop of [Ac] [Kc] [Tc] and the [2s] rears its head on the turn. Steve Watts bets 500 from the big blind and receives two callers. 

The river is the [Td] and Watts bets 2,000, and the player to his direct left surprises him with a raise to 5,000. The third player in the hand folds and Watts goes through the hand – partly in his head and partly aloud – and finally makes the call.

His opponent shows [Kd] [Th], and a clearly frustrated Watts shows [8c] [7c], whilst tossing his cards into the muck.

Watts ~ 18,000

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