Brad Owen Makes a Full House Against Andrew Neeme on the River

Jul 13, 2022

Brad OwenPhoto:  WPT Ambassador Brad Owen

The player under the gun raises to 1,200, WPT Ambassador Andrew Neeme calls from middle position, WPT Ambassador Brad Owen calls in the hijack, the player in the small blind calls, and Justin Zaki calls in the big blind.

The flop is Spade QSpade 6Diamond 2 and action checks to Neeme who bets 2,400. Owen calls, the small blind calls, Zaki folds, and the UTG player folds.

The turn is the Club 6 and everyone checks.

The river is the Heart 10, the small blind checks, Neeme bets 4,500, Owen raises to 16,000, the small blind folds, and Neeme calls.

Owen tables Spade 10Club 10 for tens full of sixes, Neeme mucks, and Owen collects the pot.

Brad Owen  –  116,000  (232 bb)
Andrew Neeme  –  32,000  (64 bb)

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