Xie Survives But Howard's End

Nov 16, 2014

With the average stack in the WPT500 currently just twenty-two big blinds, there is obviously a lot of action early on as players battle to stay inside the boundaries of fold equity. the last thing anyone wants is to wither away in poker, and these guys and gals are not risking it! 

Rene Xie shoved for ten big blinds with [AcTs] and was called by [AhKs] . Disaster, coat on, right? Not Renee. She sat there patiently, watching as a ten came and no king. 

Andrew Howard got it in bad too, but unlike Renee, couldn’t survive. His move with [8d8c] was snap-called by Daryosh Rosookh’s [AhAs] and with another player then open-foldoing [AcQd], the board ran out [5sKcKhTd6h] to bring about Howard’s end. 

58 remain. 

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