Yachou Builds Stack; O'Dwyer Does Too

Apr 16, 2018

On the river of a board Heart 8Heart 6Club 2Club 10Diamond 5, Farid Yachou bet 5,000 and was called by Ali Matin. The latter glanced over at the other side of the table to see Yachou’s cards and nodded when he was being shown the Spade 6Diamond 6 for a set.

Steve O’Dwyer had barely sat down when he defended his big blind to a button raise to 500. On the Heart ASpade JDiamond 10 flop both players checked, O’Dwyer bet 600 on the Spade 4 turn and was raised to 2,100, the Irishman called. After the Diamond 2 river, O’Dwyer checked and called a bet of 4,400 to see his opponent muck instantly and forfeit the pot.

Farid Yachou – 39,000
Ali Matin – 38,000
Steve O’Dwyer – 37,000

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