Yildaz Firing his Fourth Bullet

Sep 6, 2014

The action starts with an under the gun limp, the player to his direct left makes it 1,200, Daniel Rudd calls, Sevket Yildaz calls, the button calls and the limper calls.

Flop: [Jc] [7s] [4d]

The action checks to Sevket Yildaz – who has just bought back in for the fourth time in two days – and he bets 2,500, the button calls, the limper folds, the original raiser calls, and Rudd folds.

Turn: [Jh]

The action checks to Yildaz, who bets 2,900, and only the original raiser calls.

River: [As]

Both player’s check and Yildaz takes the pot with [Jd] [Td] for trips Jacks.

Yildaz ~ 45,000.

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