Yotam Bar Yosef Eliminated by Albert Daher

Sep 7, 2014

Albert Daher has had one hell of a roller coaster ride today and here is another trip.

There is an early position open, and a flatter before Daher squeezes to 14,400 from the big blind. The initial raiser calls, but Yotam Bar Yosef moves all-in for 65,000.

“I’m all-in.” Says Daher.

The initial raiser takes his time before folding [Ax] [Qx] and we have a showdown with Bar Yosef in danger of elimination.


Daher: [As] [Ah]
Bar Yosef: [6h] [6d]

Board: [7s] [4h] [2c] [2s] [Tc]

“See boys. Sometimes I have it.” Says Daher.

Daher ~ 205,000

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