Young Eum Doubles Thru Sam Taylor

Mar 1, 2016

Young Eum

Photo:  Young Eum sticks his tongue out in celebration when he rivers a flush to stay alive.

There is about 95,000 in the pot on the turn with a board of Diamond JDiamond 5Spade 2Diamond 3 and Young Eum checks from the big blind. Sam Taylor bets 42,000 on the button and Eum check-raises all in for 332,000. Taylor spends almost two minutes in the tank before pushing forward a call.

Taylor shows Club JClub 3, good for two pair and is in the lead against Eum’s Diamond QSpade 10. Eum needs to find a diamond to fill his flush draw and gets there with the Diamond 9 on the river.

Taylor shoots out of his chair in frustration, left with just over 5 big blinds as the clock is stopped while the staff does a total redraw with 27 players remaining.

Young Eum  –  765,000  (76 bb)
Sam Taylor  –  55,000  (5 bb)

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