Youssef Bejjani Doubles Through Mike Leah

Nov 5, 2014

Mike Leah raises to 2,000 preflop UTG+1 and Patrick Sacrispeyre calls on the hijack. Youssef Bejjani reraises to 10,000 on the cutoff and Leah then reraises to 25,700, which is more than enough to put Bejjani all in. Bejjani calls all in after Sacrispeyre gets out of the way and the two remaining players flip over their cards.

Bejjani: [JhJs]
Leah: [QsQc]

Board: [Ac3d2c5hJc]

Bejjani doubles up to survive with 36,000 and Leah drops to 28,000 after paying out the double.

Youssef Bejjani – 36,000 (30 bb)
Mike Leah – 28,000 (23 bb)


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