Zhang Flushes Away His Opponent

Feb 26, 2016

Wen Zhang
A player raises to 600 from under the gun and six players call including Wen Zhang from the small blind. The dealer spreads a flop of Diamond KHeart 10Diamond 5 and the action checks to a player in early position who bets 1,700. A player in middle position calls and Zhang calls. They go three handed to the Spade Q turn Zhang checks and the early position players slides out a bet of 3,000. The player in middle position thinks it over for a bit before folding and Zhang calls.

The Diamond 10 completes the board and Zhang checks to his opponent who checks behind. Zhang shows Diamond QDiamond 7 for a rivered flush and his opponent flashes the Heart KHeart Q for top two pair before throwing his hand into muck earning Zhang the pot.

Wen Zhang- 46,000

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