Media Guidelines

The World Poker Tour Media Guidelines provide an overview of the rules and regulations implemented for media members working onsite at a WPT event. The document stipulates items such as Media Credentials, Photography & Videography, Casino Regulations, Basic Media Rules, and more.

Within the guidelines is the Media Credential Application page, as well as the Permission to Tape and License Footage page.

Media outlets interested in covering a WPT event in person, must complete and sign the credential application and sign the Permission to Tape and License to Use Footage section to be approved to attend a WPT event in a working capacity.

Once approved, media members will be able to acquire their media credential from a WPT staff member onsite at the respective WPT event. A new application must be filled out for each WPT event. Only one application is required per outlet and can include multiple team members.

2023 WPT Media Guidelines