Andrew Lichtenberger Wins Himself $200K Birthday Gift at Poker Masters

Andrew Lichtenberger won his second career Poker Masters title Wednesday, taking home $204,000 on the same day he celebrated his 36th birthday.

Tim Fiorvanti
Sep 21, 2023
For the second consecutive year, Andrew Lichtenberger won a Poker Masters event. This time around, he pulled it off on his 36th birthday.

In terms of gifts, it’s going to be tough for anyone to measure up to what Andrew Lichtenberger got for himself for his 36th birthday.

On Wednesday, Lichtenberger won Event #5 ($10,000 NLHE) of the 2023 Poker Masters, taking home $204,000 and his second career Poker Masters title.

“It’s very special,” said Lichtenberger. “My wife jokes that every year I play poker on my birthday. Before this, [in previous years], it was WCOOP. And before that, it was something else. It just seems to always be poker season. This is definitely the most successful birthday I’ve had, poker-wise.”

Lichtenberger, also known to poker fans as ‘Lucky Chewy’, had previously tried to keep things low-key in terms of his birthday, but once that information got out it got around the room and social media in a hurry.

“The staff and the players were super warm and kind,” Lichtenberger said. “I used to not even tell people it was my birthday, because I was just like, whatever, who cares? But I just kind of mentioned it last night, and today it was cool. I appreciate how nice everyone was.”

Wednesday’s win was Lichtenberger’s first live victory since September 2022, when he hoisted a Poker Masters Trophy in Event #7, a $25,000 buy-in tournament. Just a few days later, Lichtenberger took home $1,152,000 with a third-place finish in the Super High Roller Bowl VII. With Super High Roller Bowl set to return next week, perhaps Lichtenberger can extend his birthday run-good once again.

For now, Lichtenberger’s enjoying a busy, fruitful stretch. In addition to his poker successes, as a CEO and co-founder, Lichtenberger and his team recently launched an AI-centric training platform called Octopi Poker. 

“It’s just cool to have this success now that the poker public knows about Octopi Poker,” said Lichtenberger. “It just feels like everything is flowing very nicely in my life, and I’m just very grateful for that.”