Chance Kornuth Finds $8K in Loose Change Goodwill Destined Backpack

Found money is some of the best money…especially when you find money like this.

Tim Fiorvanti
Jan 12, 2023
Chance Kornuth proved that you can never be too careful about throwing out old bags.

You know the feeling. You put on an old jacket or pair of pants, you reach to put something into one of the pockets, and your hand stumbles onto a loose bill. Maybe it’s just a single or a $5, and in some particularly rare lucky spots, you might find a $20 bill. Found money is the kind of surprise that can make your day in an instant.

Now multiply that by 400.

WPT Champions Club member Chance Kornuth had a monster surprise when idly searching through the pockets of an old bag.

Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – that’s $8,000 in Bellagio chips that were sitting idly, waiting to be found or cast into oblivion. It’s not surprising that they’re from Bellagio, as Kornuth has recorded multiple six-figure results there over the years, including a $526,224 win at Bellagio Cup X in 2014.

But upon this revelation, poker players came out of the woodwork to razz Kornuth. Some posted their big finds – $1 and $5 chips. But the overwhelming majority were in the same camp as recent WPT World Championship $25,000 High Roller champion Ethan ‘Rampage’ Yau.