Erik Seidel Suffers Brutal Bad Beat to Bust WSOP $5K

Erik Seidel was deep in the WSOP $5,000 8-handed, looking for a historic 11th bracelet when the “poker gods” decided to have some fun with him.

Jeff Walsh
Jun 6, 2024
Erik Seidel.

Bad beats in big spots. They happen to everyone, even the best to ever play the game. But the latest bad beat dished out to 10-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner, WPT Champions Club member, and Poker Hall of Famer Erik Seidel may just be one of the toughest at the 2024 WSOP thus far.

Deep on Day 3 of Event #16 ($5,000 8-Handed No Limit Hold’em) with just three tables remaining, Seidel was just one card away from an important double through France’s Sami Bechahed. However, a shot at a historic 11th bracelet would have to wait after Seidel took a beat he’ll likely remember for some time to come.

With the action folded around to the small blind, Seidel completed holding the Spade QSpade 4 and Bechahed checked his option holding the Spade 9Spade 7. The flop came Diamond QSpade 10Spade 2 giving Seidel what looked like a lock on the hand: top pair and a flush draw. However, it also brought Bechahed with a lesser flush draw of his own.

Seidel led for 50K, one-third pot, with roughly 800K back. Bechahed, who had Seidel covered, made the call. The turn was the action card – the Spade J. It brought in the flush for both. Seidel checked his queen-hi flush over to Bechahed.

“Seidel is setting this up perfectly,” said PokerGO’s Remko Rinkema on commentary.

“Yeah, this is likely going to be a big payday for Seidel,” Donnie Peters replied.

Bechahed slid out a bet of 135K and, after a short think, Seidel check-raised making it 450K – roughly half his remaining stack. It didn’t take long for Bechahed to announce he was all in and Seidel made the quick call.

“Seidel with the call, and Bechahed drawing to one card and if he hits it we’re about to go viral on the internet because that would mean he hit a straight flush,” Rinkema noted

Seidel sat with a smile, a double would put him up near 2 million in chips – roughly 40 big blinds…however, we now know that was not to be. The dealer ripped off the Spade 8, the only card in the deck that could eliminate Seidel.

As the commentary exploded in disbelief, Seidel showed off why he’s such a pro. He didn’t complain, didn’t even flinch actually. He stood up with a smile, shook Bechahed’s hand, and made his way to the payout desk where he would collect just over $26,000 for finishing in 21st place.

As it turned out, as the recipient of such good luck, Bechahed was unable to progress much further in the event himself.

“Despite this lucky hand, I’m out in 15th place,” Bechahed announced 0n X. His ladder into 15th earned him just over $32,000.