FAQ’s for WPT National Iberia

  The World Poker Tour and Multi-Venue Series are set to kick off the historic WPT National Iberia Main Event across three casino properties in Spain and Portugal on May 12. Want to know more about the MVS concept? Check out a few FAQ’s below: Why was Multi-Venue Series (MVS) Poker created? This concept was…

Matt Clark
Apr 28, 2016

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The World Poker Tour and Multi-Venue Series are set to kick off the historic WPT National Iberia Main Event across three casino properties in Spain and Portugal on May 12. Want to know more about the MVS concept? Check out a few FAQ’s below:

  1. Why was Multi-Venue Series (MVS) Poker created?

This concept was created with the intention to minimize player expenses and add extra value by creating bigger guaranteed prize pools by combining multiple venues. Players can go to their nearest casino and the pay-out structure is specifically designed so travel expenses are covered from the prize pool for players who qualify for the Final weekend.

  1. Will the MVS WPTN Iberia tournaments be run as one tournament or 3 different tournaments forming into one Final?

The play down is ran as one tournament throughout with each location operating under the same structure with the same amount of levels per day and starting and stopping at the same time. The one exception to this simultaneous approach is if one venue reaches the 7% target to qualify for the final weekend in their venue before the other venues. In this scenario, we will restart the clock in the Final (Madrid, May 21-22, 2016) at the lowest level. Our main goal is to provide a fair experience to each player regardless of the location they have played the first part of the tournament.

  1. What is the payout structure for the MVS WPT National Iberia?

The pay-out structure has been specifically designed to accommodate the expenses players will have to move to the Grand Final venue. While 10% of the field is in the money, we are able to offer a minimum of double your buy-in return for first ITM until we reach 7% in each location. When we get to the 7% that qualify to the Grand Final weekend, the pay-out is structured with a jump of at least €500 to allow for those travel expenses.

  1. What other variants are envisaged for the MVS in the future?

The MVS will have a few different variants but the main version we envisage using is the simultaneous version we will adopt for the WPTN Iberia. We would like to test a full simultaneous and synchronized version which uses one clock and tournament software across all of the venues. We aim to have all venues equipped with the dedicated technology for the second leg of WPT National Iberia in October.  Within our brainstorming sessions for MVS, we discussed three main different formats: 1. The local approach which could see venues combine for a Final the same weekend because players could travel easily within a few hours; 2.The regional version like WPTN Iberia across two different weekends; 3. The international version feeding into a huge Festival which could have varying dates feeding into the festival to make it one of the biggest tournaments in the World.

  1. What are the most difficult aspects of trying to run a series like this?

Combining three venues to work closely together requires careful and dedicated planning and good co-operation from all parties. The simultaneous and synchronized version will add a layer of complexity to the TD but we trust our team of professionals to test this new format in the most optimal way possible later this year. We want to keep innovating and listening to the needs of the players to provide the best poker event experience.

  1. How do you decide who finishes in what position across all 3 venues?

The pay-out has been designed so we don’t need to be concerned who busts out at what time across the three venues as the ITM positions between 10% and 7% are the same. Naturally, when the event combines in the Grand Final we will operate like regular tournaments and the TD decision will rule who busts in what position as per TDA rules.

  1. How will the MVS experience be different to player’s normal tournament experience?

The players are going to register for the tournament the same way as they always would for a regular tournament. They will be assigned a seat and tournament will be managed inside each venue as normal so it won’t actually feel different from that point of view. That being said they will be informed of what is going on in the other locations. We will have screens with the combined prize pool and clips from the other venues so the players know they are part of something bigger outside the venue they are sitting in!  We hope that adds to the excitement of the playing experience.

Key Notes Summary:

– Buy-In €675+75 using WPT National structure designed by Matt Savage
– Simultaneous tournament starting and stopping at the same time in all 3 venues across the first 4 days
– The only time the event is not simultaneous is when one of the venues reaches 7%
– The other venues continue to play down to 7% in their venues
– The clock for the Final will start at the lowest level finished across all 3 venues
– Combined prize pool is used throughout so players benefit from the larger guarantee
– Static pay-outs from 10% ITM to 7% Final weekend players
– A jump in the pay-outs of at least €500 to cover travel expenses for all Final weekend players

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