High Stakes Poker Goes Live with Polk, Persson, Berkey, and Airball

High Stakes Poker steps into a new era with its first-ever live episode on April 27.

Jeff Walsh
Apr 17, 2023
High Stakes Poker is going live on April 27.

PokerGO fired another shot in the high-stakes streaming wars on Monday with the announcement of an upcoming, all-star live episode of High Stakes Poker taking place on April 27 for free on PokerGO’s YouTube channel and subscription service.

Poker pro and award-winning commentator Nick Schulman tweeted out the surprise announcement and quickly got around to unveiling a lineup that hardcore poker fans (and fans of poker drama) will be sure to love. Maverick Gaming mogul and nosebleed game starter, Eric Persson will be joined by Solve For Why founder Matt Berkey and Hustler Casino Live star Nik Arcot (aka ‘Nik Airball’), who are currently tangling in their own high-stakes, heads-up match.

Plus, Doug Polk, who has been very vocal as of late about his longtime beef with Berkey, will also be in the mix.

Set to join these big four personalities are High Stakes Poker veterans Jennifer Tilly and Bill Klein as well as Dusk Till Dawn cardroom owner and nosebleed cash regular Rob Yong.

“Maybe everybody gets along, I’m not trying to put fuel on the fire but we got this going on,” Schulman said. “Berkey, Polk, and Airball. Persson. And then Tilly, Klien, and Yong just in the Lion’s Den.”

The game, which will reportedly start at 2:30 pm local time, will have a $100,000 minimum buy-in and play at $200/$400 ($400 big blind ante). These are the same stakes Berkey and Airball are playing in their current grudge match.

“We could not be more excited to bring to life the first-ever livestream broadcast of High Stakes Poker,” said Mori Eskandani, President of PokerGO in the official press release. “PokerGO is committed to increasing the worldwide visibility of the game we all love so much, and part of our strategy is new content offerings such as this live broadcast of High Stakes Poker that allows us to showcase poker and the community on the biggest platform.”

What’s sure to be showcased is the biggest round yet in the very public brawl between a number of high-profile, high-stakes pros. In recent weeks Polk, Arcot, and Persson have all taken turns, on Twitter and in YouTube videos, to have words with/against Berkey. Berkey has fired his own shots back at each on his daily poker podcast Only Friends, making it so that the money in play isn’t the only dynamic that will be on display during High Stakes Poker live.