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By Lynn Gilmartin September is quickly approaching, which means so is our annual WPT Cruise and I’m even more excited than usual. Each year we have cruised through the Caribbean, but this year we are mixing it up and cruising the Mediterranean instead. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for this.…

Matt Clark
May 21, 2019

By Lynn Gilmartin

September is quickly approaching, which means so is our annual WPT Cruise and I’m even more excited than usual. Each year we have cruised through the Caribbean, but this year we are mixing it up and cruising the Mediterranean instead. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for this.

This is always a special week every year for us. Rather than a high-stakes tour stop, it’s more of a vacation with a perfect mixture of family-friendly and competitive cash games and tournaments. Angel has joined me most years, and he will most definitely come along this year.

Imagine being able to check into your cabin, unpack your suitcase and then not worry about it for the rest of the week while you visit three European countries with nothing more than the bag on your shoulder before hopping back on the ship each night to play poker while you cruise to your next destination.

Could you think of more of a dream vacation?

OK, perhaps heading to Las Vegas and sitting at a WPT final table at HyperX Esports Arena, but the WPT Cruise can safely sit at a very comfortable second-place dream.

It all starts off in Barcelona, Spain. This is one of the most eclectic cities I’ve ever been to with drool-worthy tapas in the Gothic Quarter and possibly the most vibrant market in the world at Boqueria Market. If you’ve never been to Barcelona, you should do what Angel and I are doing and spend a few days there before we set sail. Here is a list of some of my favorite spots in Barcelona.

Lynn Gilmartin Barcelona

A freshly-squeezed juice from Boqueria Market Barcelona is a must!

And now here is the plan for the week…


Once we disembark, Vince, Tony, and I will greet all of you at a private welcome reception. It’s always nice to reunite with old friends who join us every year, and to meet new friends who are cruising with us for the first time. Perhaps that will be you? During the reception, we’ll enjoy some drinks and play a game where a winner will get their WPT Cruise Main Event buy-in for free! After that, we head down to the poker room and play some cash games for the rest of the night. I have some revenge to serve up to Vince this year.


The next morning we will arrive in Mallorca, Spain. I haven’t decided if we’ll spend this day visiting the old castles and cathedrals, relaxing at one the famous beaches, or, the option I’m mostly leaning toward is exploring Cuevas del Drach…the dragon caves. I should probably start watching Game of Thrones first, hey?

Once we get back on the boat after our Spanish adventure, we’ll meet up in the poker room for a freeroll tournament filled with WPT Prizes, including a seat in a WPT event! After that, we’ll have dinner in the dining room together before the $400 WPT Cruise Main Event officially begins. Don’t worry if you don’t make it through to Day 2 tonight, as you can try again over the next few nights.


Bonjour! We will be waking up Tuesday in a new country! Marseilles, France. Oui, oui. I’m looking forward to simply listening to everyone speak, and of course a crusty baguette with a glass of French wine. Or two. I’ll either pop over to a quiet village like Cassis or might visit the 19th century Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde. After that, we will be back on the ship for dinner together and then back to the poker room for more tournaments and cash games.



This day will be the first of three great Italian ports and, in my opinion, the highlight of the cruise. The first Italian port is La Spezia, which is a short trip to both Pisa and Florence. Whether you want to travel to Pisa and climb the 251 steps of the Leaning Tower (it’s not an optical illusion, it really is leaning), or visit the iconic Duomo in Florence, you can’t really go wrong. As amazing as the leaning tower is to see, my highlight was having a giggle at how many visitors take the same picture, so I snapped this shot while I was there. Speaking of awesome pictures, once we are back on the ship, Vince, Tony and I will be in the poker room ready to take some pics with everyone before we get back to the tables.



Okay now, this vacation is getting REAL. Time to explore one of the most historic cities on the planet — Rome. With ancient structures like the Coliseum, Pantheon and Roman Forum, it really is The Eternal City. Also, a highlight will be taking a tour through Vatican City as I didn’t get a chance to do that last time I visited. There is a lot to do here in one day, so definitely do your research and plan your day! This is not a city to just wing it in. After our incredible day, make sure you get back into the poker room for when we all have a solid chance at taking Vince’s money in his crazy prop bets. This hour of prop bets has always been a favorite on the itinerary with guaranteed laughs. Tonight is the last Day 1 of the Main Event, so anyone who hasn’t made it to Day 2 can give it one last shot.

Visiting Rome’s Coliseum in 2012


Having spent two days in Italy already, I’m sure you’ve tried some pizza, but if you can, wait until you get to today’s stop — Naples. It’s the birthplace of pizza and they proudly maintain their reputation. If you love history, the short trip over to Pompeii is like walking back in time. You can walk through the ancient ruins of the city and see how Romans lived two thousand years ago. If you’d prefer the scenic beauty of Capri, you can also take a short boat ride to the majestic island. Once we are back on the boat, it is time for Day 2 of the Main Event! Tonight, we’ll play down to the final table!


This is actually our first full day out at sea as the ship makes its way back to Barcelona. That means a well-earned rest on the ship while we enjoy all of Royal Caribbeans offerings, including restaurants, pools, slides, bars, gym and more. But definitely swing by the poker room, as Vince, Tony and I will be live commentating the final table of the Main Event. You can even hop into the High Roller tournament or some more cash games to finish off your week with one last poker session — a winning one, I hope! To cap off the evening, we’ll have an awards ceremony and farewell reception as we share stories and recap our amazing week through the Mediterranean.


Back to Barcelona in time for some more tapas and sangria for lunch, and to see whatever we missed before starting our adventure!

I wish we were setting sail tomorrow, but we are still a few months away for those of you who haven’t booked your cabins yet. You don’t want to miss this trip as it will be one for the ages. Vince, Tony, and I can’t wait to meet you. See you in a few months in Barcelona!

Lynn x

Lynn Gilmartin Barcelona

This is exactly how I’ll be on September 1st, just waiting at the port ready to board our ship for a cruise of a lifetime!