Kevin Martin Captures One of the Biggest Coolers of the Summer

There’s coolers in poker and then there’s this hand. Check out one of the must-watch hands of the summer so far.

Jeff Walsh
Jun 15, 2023
WSOP 2023 (photo courtesy: WSOP)

There has been no shortage of eye-popping hands during the first two weeks at the 2023 World Series of Poker. From quads losing to a straight flush to the ace-high call that had everybody talking, when you get so many poker players in a venue grinding non-stop, you’re bound to see just about everything.

Just ask poker content creator and Big Brother Canada champ Kevin Martin. While peacefully grinding at the World Series of Poker on Thursday afternoon, Martin witnessed an incredible hand at his table. It was a super cooler situation that clearly shocked and delighted the veteran pro and inspired him to whip out his phone and record it for posterity.

Check it out:

We can’t be sure, but it looks like everyone stuck their chips in preflop – all holding monsters. It was Spade QClub Q vs Heart KClub K vs Spade KDiamond K vs Heart ADiamond A.

It must have looked like the worst hand was going to win for a moment as the flop came Heart QDiamond 6Club 4, giving the pocket queens top set and leaving both players with pocket kings drawing dead. The Diamond Jturn changed nothing. But the river brought justice in the form of the Club A, giving the pocket aces the come-from-behind win for a massive pot.

There’s sure to be so many more noteworthy hands over the next five weeks, but when all is said and done this one may just be one of the biggest cold decks of the summer.