Kristen Foxen Looking For Answers Deep In the Tank on WPT Ladies Night

After a set-over-set flop, Kristen Foxen faced a difficult decision when Lily Kiletto shoved all in on the river. Did she make the right decision during Thursday’s WPT Ladies Night cash game?

Tim Fiorvanti
Dec 15, 2023
Kristen Foxen tanked for more than 10 minutes with a full house, facing an all-in bet from Lily Kiletto.

The WPT Ladies Cash Game stream lived up to expectations and then some on Thursday, with the $25/$50 action coming fast and fierce throughout the night. And in one of the more memorable livestreamed hands in recent memory, Kristen Foxen stared down a nightmare scenario, and lived to tell the tale.

It seemed to be a predestined cooler, when Foxen, Lily Kiletto, Xuan Liu, and Iris ‘Pocky’ Liu went four ways to a Diamond 5 Heart 4 Heart 2 flop, as Foxen flopped bottom set with pocket deuces and Kiletto had middle set with pocket fours. Kiletto made a small bet, and both Foxen and Pocky, who had a gutshot straight with Club A Club 6, came along.

Kiletto hit the dream Diamond 4 turn, and then, in a truly surprising moment, Pocky led out for $2,500, a bet of almost the full size of the pot. Both Foxen and Kiletto flat called, bringing the trio to the Club 8 river. Once again, Pocky bet – $9,000, again close to a full pot-sized bet. That’s when the fireworks truly began.

Foxen just called, and Kiletto, after a moment’s pause, shoved all in for $20,950 – just over double Pocky’s bet. Predictably, Pocky waved the white flag, but Foxen, even with a full house, sensed that something was seriously awry. What followed was a tank of more than 10 full minutes, as Foxen agonized over what to do.

Eventually, she found the heart to fold.

By the end of the night, Foxen ended slightly on the losing side of things – significantly less so than she would have been, had she called off in that spot. Kiletto was the big winner of the night, taking home a profit of $22,750.

You can check out the full replay of Thursday’s Ladies Cash Game, and come back for Friday night’s livestreamed cash game action because it’ll be quite a spectacle in its own right.

It will be a $300/$600/$600 No Limit Hold’em game that will feature the return of Garrett Adelstein as part of his return tour following more than a year away from live poker. Andrew Robl and Santhosh Suvarna will also be part of Friday night’s lineup.