Landon Tice Now Owns Daniel Negreanu’s Tesla

He may not have a driver’s license, or insurance, but Landon Tice is now the proud owner of Daniel Negreanu’s red Tesla Model S.

Tim Fiorvanti
Jan 3, 2023

When one generation of poker players passes something down to the next, you’d typically expect the transaction to involve wisdom, or occasionally a backing or staking arrangement. But that’s not what happened between Daniel Negreanu and Landon Tice this week.

Tice posted a video to Twitter on Tuesday showing off his new ride – a red 2013 Tesla Model S with a Golden Knights sticker on the back. While it no longer bears the signature “DNEGS” license plate, it is unmistakably Negreanu’s longtime car.

Negreanu upgraded to a Tesla Model X four years ago, but continued to hold onto the car until Tice made his offer. He told Tice to, “Enjoy the ride, Young Jedi.”

Negreanu and Tice have had some friendly banter in the past as well, especially after Negreanu referenced Tice in an interview with Lex Friedman as a “slave to the sim,” which Tice embraced while jokingly calling Negreanu his “crazy uncle Dnegs.”

As for when Tice will be driving the car himself, it might take a while if Matt Berkey’s conversation with Tice is any indication.

Perhaps Negreanu should have added a little bit of that generational wisdom to go along with new ride.