Neymar “Buries” Alan Keating In Wild Hand on Hustler Casino Live

One of the wildest hands of the summer took place on Hustler Casino Live as Neymar and Alan Keating take it to the river again and again until one of them was broke, capping off a wild night of poker that also featured Jimmy Butler, Ninja, Ryan Garcia and Dan Bilzerian, among others.

Jeff Walsh
Jun 23, 2024
Neymar and Alan Keating (photo credit: Hustler Casino Live/John Villarama)

In a summer that is already full of incredible hands played some of poker’s biggest names, perhaps none will be able to top the wild clash that took place on Saturday night/early Sunday morning on Hustler Casino Live’s “Legends On The Felt.”

In it, Neymar, one of the most well-known footballers on the planet, got involved in a massive pot against Hustler Casino Live star Alan Keating resulting in a nearly $200,000 pot. But what looked like the end of the hand was just literally the beginning, as the pair pushed the action and began to flip for massive amounts of money on a series of resulting rivers that sent Keating to the rail and made Neymar the biggest winner of the night.

After a raise from boxer Chris Eubank, and a call from online streamer Ninja and Neymar, holding the Club 9Heart 5, Keating put in the three-bet to $5,000 holding the Diamond ADiamond 4. Eubank, online streamer Ninja, and Neymar all called and it was four ways to the flop of Diamond QDiamond 9Club 2.

Keating had the nut flush draw and Neymar flopped a nine. The action checked to Keating who made a bet of $10,000. Eubank folded while both Ninja and Neymar stuck around.

The turn was the Spade 6 and once again the action checked to Keating. This time, Keating simply moved all in for $74,400. Ninja, who had a gutshot, quickly let it go but Neymar wasn’t having it and essentially snap-called with second pair.

Keating reached over to Neymar’s cards to turn them over and after determining that Neymar had a pair he asked to run it twice.

They agreed and the dealer ripped off the Diamond 3 for the first river, locking up half the pot for Keating. Right after, the dealer put out the Club 5, giving Neymar two pair. The pot was chopped, everyone loved it.

But Keating wasn’t done.

“Wait…wait…you want to do one more card for [$50,000]?” Keating asked. Neymar obliged.

“$100K on the side for one card?” commentator Christian Soto asked. “This is sick.”

Neymar began to shout for a black card and the dealer pulled out the Heart Q. Give it to Neymar.

Then they did it again, for another $50K each and the dealer dealt the Heart J. Neymar won again.

One more time. The Club J this time. Another for Neymar.

One it wasn’t just one more time. The pair ended up running the river six times for a total of nearly $360,000 – the entirety of Keating’s stack – in which Neymar won every single flip.

“Neymar is the flip god…,” Soto said. “He stacked Keating in flips!”

“Neymar buries Alan Keating.”

It was one of the wildest hands in a night full of highlights as Hustler Casino Live pulled out all the stops to host Neymar, Miami Heat All-Star Jimmy Butler, pro boxers Chris Eubank and Ryan Garcia, Dan Bilzerian, Ninja, and Keating among others.

In the end, Neymar was the big winner on the night, taking home a profit of $306,000. Right behind him, Jimmy Butler booked a win of $122,500. On the other end of the spectrum, Ninja dropped just over $94,000 and Keating, being the good host, lost $478,850 in the game.