Patrik Antonius, Eric Persson Battle in Historic $1.9 Million Pot

Persson put Antonius to the million-dollar test in this must-see hand.

Jeff Walsh
Feb 19, 2023
Eric Persson and Patrik Antonius put on a show during PokerGO’s million-dollar buy-in cash game. (photos courtesy: PokerGO)

It’s been an absolutely wild week for livestreamed poker games.

From the return of Robbie Jade Lew’s on Live At The Bike to Luda Chris’ pocket kings nightmare on Hustler Casino Live the action all week long has been huge. Plus, Doug Polk’s Austin, Texas cardroom The Lodge debuted its new look with a number of high-stakes games.

But nothing in the past week was bigger than the record-setting $1.9 million hand that went down between Patrik Antonius and Eric Persson on PokerGO’s massive million-dollar buy-in cash game No Gamble, No Future: Cash of the Titans.

At the start of the hand, both Antonius and Persson were sitting on stacks of over $1 million. The stakes were $1,000/$2,000 with a $2,000 ante and when action folded to him, Persson opened the pot to $7,000 holding the Heart QHeart 9 from middle position.

Dusk Til Dawn boss Rob Yong looked down at Club AClub 2 on the button and made the call. Antonius was next to act from the small blind and calmly put out a bet of $30,000 holding the Heart AHeart K. The big blind released.

“You know you’re out of position, right?” Persson said before quickly making the call. Yong also called the $30,000 and the three saw a flop of Heart 8Heart 3Club 3 giving both Antonius and Persson a flush draw to go with their overcards while Yong held his ace and backdoor possibilities.

There was no turning back from this point.

After a moment, Antonius led for $40,000. Persson, who has been known to play an aggressive style, snap-raised to $140,000. Yong quickly dipped out. Antonius took a moment and with his trademark calm, made it $250,000 to go.

“Let’s go,” Persson could be heard saying as he snap-called.

The turn came the Spade A giving Antonius top pair and locking up the pot barring being pushed off the hand. With $594,000 in the middle, Antonius again took the lead and slid a $150,000 bet out. Undeterred, Persson shoved rest of his $759,000 stack.

“What do you have?” Antonius said, taking a deep breath in. He shifted in his chair. Shot a glance to the left and back to the right. Then, after just a moment, he simply said “call” and put in his remaining $542,000.

The record-breaking pot swelled to $1,978,000 with Persson drawing dead to the Spade J river.

“That is the biggest pot in U.S. televised poker history!” exclaimed commentator Jeff Platt.

“We have just witnessed something extraordinary,” added commentator Brent Hanks underscoring the enormity of the hand that was just played. “And Eric Persson, left with crumbs…”