‘Rampage’ and Wesley Run It Once on Hustler Casino Live for $188K

Ethan ‘Rampage’ Yau battled HCL mainstay Wesley ‘Wes Side’ Fei in what amounted to the largest pot of Rampage’s career.

Jeff Walsh
Nov 16, 2022

Ethan ‘Rampage’ Yau lived up to his moniker on Wednesday night while splashing around in the Hustler Casino Live high-stakes cash game. Not only did ‘Rampage’ make for great television but he also made some personal history of his own after a clash with up-and-coming cash game star Wesley ‘Westside’ Fei for the largest pot of Yau’s young poker career.

The must-see hand resulted in a pot of more than $188,000 as both Yau and Fei clashed in the $25/50/100 game. After a raise to $600 by Wesley with Spade 10Spade 9, and a call by another player (‘Ali G’) wtih Spade ADiamond 10, Yau made the call holding Diamond 8Club 8 sitting with roughly $90,000 in his stack. They went three ways to a flop of Heart 10Spade 8Spade 3 giving Wesley top pair and a flush draw while Yau picked up middle set. That’s when the fireworks began.

Out of position, Yau checked to Wesley who fired a bet of $2K. ‘Ali G’, with top pair top kicker, hesitated a few seconds before making it an even $7K to go. The action was back on Yau who re-checked his cards and opted to flat the $7,000. The decision was then to Wesley who didn’t waste any time in three-betting to $27,000. For ‘Ali G’ to continue it was going to cost him everything he had and eventually he released his hand.

“Now does Rampage wanna just call, or go for all of it here,” the commentator said as Yau sat in silence. “Wesley has sent a pretty clear signal that he is not going to fold this hand.”

Almost as soon as this was said, Yau shoved for more than $82,000 more and Wesley snapped so fast the camera couldn’t even catch it. All the cards were on their backs and Yau gave a tight smile, knowing there was a flush draw to fade.

“Do you want once?” Yau asked Wesley.

“Once, once…”

“OK…” replied Rampage shaking his head. “Here’s the biggest pot I’ve played.”

For context, Wesley has routinely sat in Hustler Casino Live games with $1 million in his stack so while it’s a ton of money for anyone, it was clear that Yau was undoubtedly the bigger sweat.

The turn came the Club 2 and some talk of selling some insurance took place. But before anything could get finalized the dealer ripped off the Diamond 9 on the river.

Yau’s recent rungood continued as he released a sigh of relief and started collecting the $188K pot.