The Halfway Point of WPTDeepStacks Online Sees Two More Trophy Winners and Flight 1B of the Main Event

Oct 19, 2021

WPTDeepStacks Online

There was a lot of action in the middle weekend of WPTDeepStacks Online on the global partypoker online poker platform, with two more trophies awarded in the Turbo Knockout and the Mini Turbo Knockout, and the second starting flights in the $1,100 Main Event and the $109 Mini Main Event.

Sunday also saw the opening flights for the $320 Closer and the $33 Mini Closer, which will continue with additional flights every day this week.

Jakub Wojtas Wins Event #5, the $109 Turbo Knockout

There were 35 starting flights for Event #5 ($109 Turbo Knockout), with a total of 2,917 entries. There were 426 players who finished in the money and advanced to Day 2 to claim their piece of the $300,000 prizepool.

The last bounty hunter standing was Jakub Wojtas of Malta, who earned nearly as much in bounties ($14,649) as he did for first place ($18,150). Of course Wojtas will also receive a trophy for his victory.

These were the top five finishers:

1. Jakub Wojtas (Malta) – $18,150 (+ $14,649 in bounties)
2. Vitalie Ursu (United Kingdom) – $18,117 (+ $889 in bounties)
3. Mikhail Frolov (Russia) – $11,347 (+ $5,714 in bounties)
4. Bertil Andreas Samuelsson (Sweden) – $7,580 (+ $222 in bounties)
5. Antti Ahlsten (Finland) – $5,175 (+ $2,082 in bounties)

Sergei Brykalin Wins Event #6, the $11 Mini Turbo Knockout

With a similar schedule to the Turbo Knockout, there were 8,952 entries across 36 starting flights for Event #6 ($11 Mini Turbo Knockout), and 1,301 survived the Money Bubble to make Day 2 where they’d earn a piece of the $100,000 prizepool.

Sergei Brykalin of Russia had the honor of claiming his own bounty by winning the event, earning $5,835, a trophy, and another $3,001 in bounties.

These were the top five finishers:

1. Sergei Brykalin (Russia) – $5,835 (+ $3,001)
2. Karl Johan Björklund (Sweden) – $5,816 (+ $320)
3. Louis Collette (Canada) – $3,622 (+ $430)
4. Alain Caliber (Belgium) – $2,408 (+ $488)
5. Vladimir Zaitcev (Ukraine) – $1,633 (+ $380)

Flight 1B of the $1,100 WPTDeepStacks Online Main Event Ends with Henning André Leading 48 Survivors

Sunday was the second of four starting flights for Event #3, the $1,100 WPTDeepStacks Online Main Event, and there were 317 entries to add another $317,000 into the prizepool. With half of the starting flights complete, the total prizepool is up to $555,000 on its way to the $1 million guarantee.

The final 48 players (15% of this field) survived the Money Bubble and advanced to Day 2. There are now 84 players who have bagged up virtual chips for Day 2, which will begin Monday, October 25th at 20:05 GMT.

Here are the top five players on the leaderboard from Flight 1B:

1. Henning André (Sweden) – 3.92 million
2. Paul Vas Nunes (United Kingdom) – 3.51 million
3. Dániel Koloszár (Hungary) – 3.37 million
4. Manuel Koschmieder (Germany) – 3.30 million
5. Florian Loehnert (Austria) – 3.17 million

The overall Day 2 chipleader is still Michael Skenička of the Czech Republic, who bagged up 4.69 million in Flight 1A, followed by Ramiro Petrone of Argentina (4.28 million).

Here is the remaining schedule for this event:

Flight 1C: Sunday, October 24th, 19:05 GMT
Flight 1D Turbo: Monday, October 25th, 16:05 GMT
Day 2: Monday, October 25th, 20:05 GMT
Final Table: Tuesday, October 26th, 19:05 GMT

Flight 1B of the $109 Mini Main Event Ends with Luan Felipe Leonel Hertmann Leading 81 Survivors

Event #4, the $109 Mini Main Event, also resumed with another flight on Sunday, and this time 540 entries deposited another $54,000 into the prizepool. There is now $89,300 in the total prizepool on its way to the $200,000 guarantee.

The final 81 players (15% of this field) finished in the money and advanced to Day 2. There are now 134 players who have bagged up virtual chips for Day 2, which will begin Monday, October 25th at 20:05 GMT.

Here are the top five finishers from Flight 1B:

1. Luan Felipe Leonel Hertmann (Brazil) – 7.36 million
2. Simon Higgins (United Kingdom) – 5.70 million
3. Vasileios Pantazis (Greece) – 5.47 million
4. Martin Brinkmann (United Kingdom) – 5.39 million
5. Rashid Sepkulov (Russia) – 4.91 million

The biggest stack for Flight 1A was Benjamin Mordan (who bagged 5.0 million), so Luan Felipe Leonel Hertmann of Brazil has the overall chip lead so far with his 7.36 million.

The remaining schedule for this event is identical to the Main Event schedule posted above this section.

Still Time to Enter the $320 Closer and $33 Mini Closer

Sunday also saw the opening flights of Event #8 ($320 Closer) and Event #9 ($33 Mini Closer), with starting flights every day this week at 20:05 GMT. Then they will each have four flights on Sunday, and three final flights on Monday before Day 2 begins on Monday at 20:05 GMT.

Thru the first two flights (Sunday and Monday) of Event #8 ($320 Closer), there have been 243 entries, and 37 have survived to Day 2 so far, where they are in the money with a guaranteed prizepool that will be worth at least $300,000.

Event #9 ($33 Mini Closer) has attracted 905 entries thru its first two flights, and 135 have survived to Day 2. The prizepool for this event has a $150,000 guarantee.

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