First NFT Poker Club Launches in Collaboration with World Poker Tour

Feb 4, 2022

The Poker Heroes Club from GAMAVRS is the First NFT Poker Club.
The Poker Heroes Club from GAMAVRS is the First NFT Poker Club.

The World Poker Tour has partnered with GAMAVRS for their upcoming launch of the Poker Heroes Club, the world’s first NFT poker club. Club members will be able to use their Poker Heroes as in-client avatars with special abilities such as access to freeroll tournaments, exclusive celebrity tables, and access to WPT live VIP events.

Poker Heroes owners can upload their NFTs to use as avatars that unlock ‘poker superpowers’ on an exciting, upcoming online poker venue, WPTGlobal. Once they have been properly verified in the WPT Global client, they’ll unlock access to exciting in-game perks, such as:

Play with Steve Aoki: Skip the waitlist and join celebrity poker tables with Steve Aoki, Vince Van Patten, Lynn Gilmartin, Tony Dunst, and many more WPT ambassadors.

$100,000 Freerolls: Access to multiple $100,000 freeroll tournaments throughout the year.

Million Dollar Giveaways: Spend just $1 for a chance to win millions in poker prize money on WPT Global.

WPT Live VIP Events: Join exclusive WPT live event parties, dinners, and music concerts around the world. Your NFT will be your entry ticket.

Members Only Club: Join an exclusive global Poker Club limited to 9,999 members. Strategize, learn, get free merchandise swag, and make new friends.

The entire collection of Poker Heroes consists of 9,999 NFT avatars. 250 will initially be made available for presale minting, and the remainder will be released in three separate phases starting March 1, 2022.

The 9,999 Poker Heroes are divided into three rarity groups:

Humans (60% of total supply)
Cyborgs (30%)
Gods (10%)

Each tier unlocks subsequent perks, with the Gods avatars being the rarest and most valuable in terms of utility.

“GAMAVRS is helping us integrate Poker Heroes into the entire WPT experience,” said Adam Pliska, CEO of World Poker Tour. “We are confident that players who mint or purchase Poker Heroes will appreciate the wide range of benefits afforded to them.”

Interested in owning your own Poker Hero? The Poker Heroes team is rewarding 250 early supporters with limited whitelisting allocations in February by providing highly engaged community members with big savings for the upcoming official NFT mint date in March. You can check out the Gamavrs official website, Discord, and Twitter pages for more updates. Poker Heroes avatars will be available for presale on in mid-February, and users can expect to see them on Opensea and other major NFT marketplaces upon release.

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