WPT Online India: Jasven Saigal Binks Trophy on Adda52

Recap provided by PokerGuru.in. The WPT Online India series has set the mood for a glorious festive season. Wednesday marked another guarantee-crushing day for this inaugural edition with two WPT Trophies up for grabs. The ₹13.50 Crores GTD WPT Online India (WPTOI) series played out nine side events on Day 7, with two of them awarding…

Matt Clark
Nov 12, 2020

Recap provided by PokerGuru.in.

The WPT Online India series has set the mood for a glorious festive season. Wednesday marked another guarantee-crushing day for this inaugural edition with two WPT Trophies up for grabs.

The ₹13.50 Crores GTD WPT Online India (WPTOI) series played out nine side events on Day 7, with two of them awarding WPT trophies. The ₹25 Lakhs GTD WPT India Mini Main Event also kicked off yesterday, playing out the first of its seven starting flights.

The Day 1A of the ₹1,100 entry buy-in WPT India Mini Main Event logged in 419 entries, and after the stipulated 29 levels of play (each nine minutes long), only 49 players were left standing. Bagging the most massive stack for the day was Binit ‘Punter27’ Saraf (296,037) with Loveleen ‘pharlap’ Singh (268,438) and ‘Poker_king52’ (243,675) not far behind.

Binit Saraf
Binit Saraf


The day’s headliner and the first of the two WPT trophy tournies on the schedule, the ₹20 Lakhs GTD WPT Wednesday Feature, collected a guarantee-crushing ₹22.60 Lakhs prize pool on the back of 904 registrations. Wading through this massive field was seasoned MTT pro Jasven ‘bajateraho’ Saigal, who added that missing WPT Trophy to his collection after championing the event for ₹5.54 Lakhs. This was Saigal’s second-best recorded finish this year, extending his online tally to ₹1.45 Crores. Gaurav ‘zillastar’ Bhandari placed runner-up for ₹3.03 Lakhs.

Jasven Saigal
Jasven Saigal


The second trophy event of the day, the ₹17 Lakhs GTD WPT Deepstack, signed up 289 entries to make quick work of the advertised guarantee – collecting ₹19.80 Lakhs in prize money. Championing the reg-laden field was none other than the online phenom Anant ‘pro_baba’ Purohit, who went on to win his first-ever WPT Trophy and ₹5.07 Lakhs. Mohit ‘tinda2706’ Mittal pocketed ₹3.02 Lakhs for his runner-up finish.

Anant Purohit
Anant Purohit


Purohit has been a trailblazer this year and deservedly sits at #4 on the yearly leaderboard – his Wednesday night victory catapulting him up one place over Sumit Sapra in the annual rankings. Boasting an incredible ₹2.94 Crores in earnings for the year, his WPT victory has also won him an entry in the elite 6 Crores-Club!”

Running alongside the WPT Wednesday Feature and WPT Deepstack was the ₹6 Lakhs GTD Moonlight. The tourney sold 379 registration slips to surpass its guarantee by ₹21,555. Anuj ‘chocha’ Manocha was the last player standing in the tourney and struck a heads-up deal with Achal ‘Believerinpain95’ Sonale (runner-up for ₹1.23 Lakhs) to win ₹1.27 Lakhs.

Anuj Manocha
Anuj Manocha


The daily afternoon extravaganza, the ₹5 Lakhs GTD WPT Classic, was championed by ‘krisnair’ for their best-recorded finish on Adda52 worth ₹1.3 Lakhs. Devrat ‘vickypune’ Singh finished runner-up for ₹77,500.

WPT India Mini ME 25 Lakhs GTD Day 1A – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹1,100

Entries – 231

Re-entries – 188

Survivors – 49

While the star attraction of the WPTOI, the ₹2 Crores GTD WPT India Main Event, still has a few days to kick-off, Wednesday marked the start of the ₹25 Lakhs GTD WPT India Mini ME. The first of the ₹1,100 entry buy-in tourney`s seven starting flight took place yesterday with 419 entries rolling in to play. Only 49 among them advanced to Day 2.

Grabbing the end-of-day chip lead was Binit ‘Punter27’ Saraf with a stack of 296,037, while Loveleen ‘pharlap’ Singh (268,438) and ‘Poker_king52’ (243,675) rounded out the top three stacks.

Mayank ‘retardatthezoo’ Agarwal (233,915), Vinayak ‘bhai_on_mary_jane’ Bajaj (226,921), Rajat ‘shanky92’ Attri (222,300), and Arpan ‘Distroyer’ Majhi (197,507), also featured among the top 10 stacks of Day 1A.

Day 1B starts at 7 PM today.

2nd in Chips Loveleen Singh
2nd in Chips Loveleen Singh


Top 10 Chip Counts at the End of Day 1A

  1. Binit ‘Punter27’ Saraf – 296,037
  2. Loveleen ‘pharlap’ Singh – 268,438
  3. Poker_king52 – 243,675
  4. Lokimon – 238,617
  5. Mayank ‘retardatthezoo’ Agarwal – 233,915
  6. Vinayak ‘bhai_on_mary_jane’ Bajaj – 226,921
  7. Rajat ‘shanky92’ Attri – 222,300
  8. Stavro99 – 214,858
  9. Arpan ‘Distroyer’ Majhi – 197,507
  10. sailor85 – 189,888

WPT Wednesday Feature 20 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹2,750

Entries – 420

Re-entries – 484

Prize Pool – ₹22,60,000

Places Paid – 92

The Wednesday showstopper on Adda52, the ₹20 Lakhs GTD WPT Wednesday Feature, collected a colossal ₹22.60 Lakhs prize pool on the back of a 904-entry field.

Running from 8 PM to 4:44 AM, the tourney awarded the WPT trophy to seasoned pro Jasven ‘bajateraho’ Saigal, who outlasted the competition to win ₹5.54 Lakhs. Saigal, the two-time DPT title winner, clinched his career-first WPT Online title in the event, boosting his MTT record to ₹1.45 Crores.

Saigal battled his way across a reg-infested final table that comprised of the likes of PokerGuru Ambassador Gokul ‘Niruha’ Raj (3rd for ₹2.07 Lakhs), Dhinesh ‘dinzy009’ Kumar (4th for ₹1.50 Lakhs), Kamal ‘Kjo’ Joshi (5th for ₹98,310), Nishaanth ‘superdeluxe’ Shanmughasundaram (6th for ₹67,800) and PokerGuru Ambassador Parikshit ‘gigsy’ Dhall (8th for ₹45,200).

Saigal ultimately bested Gaurav ‘zillastar’ Bhandari (runner-up for ₹3.02 Lakhs) in heads-up play to add the prestigious WPT trophy to his collection!

Runner-up Gaurav Bhandari
Runner-up Gaurav Bhandari


Final Table Results

  1. Jasven ‘bajateraho’ Saigal – ₹5,53,700
  2. Gaurav ‘zillastar’ Bhandari – ₹3,02,840
  3. Gokul ‘Niruha’ Raj – ₹2,06,790
  4. Dhinesh ‘dinzy009’ Kumar – ₹1,50,290
  5. Kamal ‘Kjo’ Joshi – ₹98,310
  6. Nishaanth ‘superdeluxe’ Shanmughasundaram – ₹67,800
  7. mannu425 – ₹56,500
  8. Parikshit ‘gigsy’ Dhall – ₹45,200


WPT Deepstack 17 Lakhs GTD  Adda52

Buy-in – ₹7,500

Entries – 158

Re-entries – 131

Prize Pool – ₹19,79,650

Places Paid – 30

The other WPTOI event to award a WPT trophy on Wednesday was the ₹17 Lakhs GTD WPT Deepstack. Just like the WPT Wednesday Feature, the WPT Deepstack too crushed its prize pool guarantee after registering 289 entries.

The ₹7,500 entry buy-in tourney ran for almost eight hours with Anant ‘pro_baba’ Purohit emerging as the champion. One of the friendliest faces of the domestic circuit, Purohit, had come close to winning his first WPT title in Sunday’s WPT India Bounty Championship, where he ultimately finished ninth for ₹47,800. He made up for that close finish and then some by taking down the WPT Deepstack last night for a smashing ₹5.06 Lakhs payday.

The win catapulted him up one spot to #4 on the annual leaderboard, where he sits with ₹2.93 Crores in recorded earnings. But what`s even more impressive is that this score has pushed Purohit into the exclusive “6-Crore-Club” – a distinction only a handful of players in the country can boast of.

Mohit ‘tinda2706’ Mittal came in second for ₹3.01 Lakhs.

Rajat ‘happyfish’ Mahajan (3rd for ₹2.27 Lakhs), Nazeer ‘Naz0506’ Ahamed (4th for ₹1.68 Lakhs), Vikranth ‘borntrouble’ Varma (6th for ₹79,186) and Sandeep ‘effuno’ Varma RS (7th for ₹59,390) were others who FT-ed the tourney!

Final Table Results

  1. Anant ‘pro_baba’ Purohit – ₹5,06,790
  2. Mohit ‘tinda2706’ Mittal – ₹3,01,897
  3. Rajat ‘happyfish’ Mahajan – ₹2,27,660
  4. Nazeer ‘Naz0506’ Ahamed – ₹1,68,270
  5. tobirama – ₹1,13,830
  6. Vikranth ‘borntrouble’ Varma – ₹79,186
  7. Sandeep ‘effuno’ Varma RS – ₹59,390
  8. Powershell – ₹49,491

WPT Moonlight 6 Lakhs GTD  Adda52

Buy-in – ₹1,800

Entries – 204

Re-entries – 175

Prize Pool – ₹6,21,555

Places Paid – 38

The ₹6 Lakhs WPT Moonlight had 379 runners eyeing the top prize. The hearty turnout ensured a guarantee-smashing prize pool, and the top 38 places finished ITM.

Anuj ‘chocha’ Manocha championed the tourney to win ₹1.27 Lakhs after striking a heads-up deal with Achal ‘Believerinpain95’ Sonale (runner-up for ₹1.23 Lakhs).

Sunday’s WPT 2500 ₹20 Lakhs GTD runner-up Vashi ‘fiery’ Vas finished 5th for ₹33,564.

Runner-up Achal Sonale
Runner-up Achal Sonale


Final Table Results

  1. Anuj ‘chocha’ Manocha – ₹1,26,684*
  2. Achal ‘Believerinpain95’ Sonale – ₹1,22,872*
  3. nitkat – ₹68,372
  4. omega0611 – ₹49,725
  5. Vashi ‘fiery’ Vas – ₹33,564
  6. rj128 – ₹23,309

*denotes heads-up deal


WPT Classic 5 Lakhs GTD  Adda52

Buy-in – ₹1,500

Entries – 153

Re-entries – 118

Prize Pool – ₹5,00,000

Places Paid – 27

The daily tourney on the WPTOI schedule, the ₹5 Lakhs GTD WPT Classic, registered an overlay for the third consecutive day. The event could only muster 217 entries to fall ₹1.30 Lakhs short of its listed guarantee.

The mystery user ‘krisnair’ championed the event for ₹1.30 Lakhs, while Devrat ‘vickypune’ Singh finished runner-up for ₹77,500.

Kunal ‘cvc’ Sharma (3rd for ₹58,250), Himanshu ‘StupidCommonMan’ Kataria (5th for ₹28,750), and Praveen ‘praveen2626’ KR (8th for ₹12,500) also earned final table payouts.

Runner-up Devrat Singh
Runner-up Devrat Singh


Final Table Results

  1. krisnair – ₹1,30,000
  2. Devrat ‘vickypune’ Singh – ₹77,500
  3. Kunal ‘cvc’ Sharma – ₹58,250
  4. pocket1987 – ₹42,500
  5. Himanshu ‘StupidCommonMan’ Kataria – ₹28,750
  6. jeet0 – ₹21,250
  7. dharmpur1234 – ₹16,250
  8. Praveen ‘praveen2626’ KR – ₹12,500