WPT WOC: WPT WOC: Preben Stokkan Bags Biggest in Day 1b of the $500K GTD Weekender Ahead of Tonight’s Final

Sep 13, 2020

By Lisa Yiasemides

Ahead of another epic Sunday in the WPT World Online Championships, four more winners emerged as the second of three starting flights in the Weekender events also took place last night. One Brit, two Brazilians and a German all nabbed themselves a title each, padding out their respective bankrolls with a ton of tournaments to choose from, should they decide to play their rush today.

Yesterday’s winners

$215 6-Max ($50K GTD)

At 6:05 pm (BST), 248 players sat down to play the first WPT events of the evening. With a slow structure and scheduled to complete in one day, the Main event took more than nine hours to reach a conclusion. Outlasting all the opposition was Paul Lee of the UK, who won himself $11,525 after taking out runner up Edgar Mock at the end. The German banked $7,615 for his second-place result.

Corentin Ropert ($5,419), Léo Du Boisbaudry ($4,025) and Johan Schumacher ($2,900) all had great runs on the final table too, laddering further than sixth and seventh place finishers Deep Deol ($2,200) and Domenico Gala ($1,750) managed to.

Manig Loeser

Manig Loeser

Štefan Mital bubbled a final table seat, taking $1,325 for 8th place. He joined some very accomplished players on the sidelines, with Gary Thompson (13th) and Paul Höfer (17th) winning $525 each. Duff Charette sneaked into the money in 30th place, while Manig Loeser bubbled in 31st place, missing out on the $460 min-cash.

6-Max 13.09

$22 Mini 6-Max ($25K GTD)

Brazil’s Emerson Braga ($3,760) collected the biggest prize for his victory, defeating Oskari Salmio ($2,901) to get there and calling time on nine and a half hours of action in the Mini. Dario Abu Shibika ($2,181), Daniel Solich ($1,565) and Dmitrii Korotaev ($1,025) all won four-figure scores for making it all the way to the top five.

There were a bunch of notables also in the 1,185-strong field, with Frank Lillis (7th, $555) and Rising Star Leaderboard contender Andres Ojeda (8th, $425) also running deep, with 168 places paid in total.

Mini 6-Max 13.09

$215 7-Max Turbo PKO ($40K GTD)

Another Brazilian took the top spot when Ewerton Barros ($3,610 + $4,668) defeated Berish Schwimmer ($3,606 + $1,587) heads up, bringing four hours and 12 minutes of play to a close. Erkeş Arıstanov ($2,468 + $937), Mariusz Golinski ($1,699 + $981) and Jan Bednar ($1,154 + $606) all did enough to reach the top five.

Harpreet Padda ($874 + $112), Christian Frimodt ($683 + $443) and Evaldas Aniulis ($527 + $362) were the rest of the finalists, with Andrii Novak (13th, $350 + $300), Anton Wigg (14th, $350 + $350) and Manig Loeser (15th, $283 + $300) also some of the pros running deep, the latter notably making up for the bubbling the $215 6-Max earlier.

Twenty-eight of the 193 runners made the money, among them were partypoker’s Patrick Leonard (21st, $283 + $325) and Viktor Ustimov ($236 + $0), while Sebastian Behrend (29th) was the last player to leave empty-handed on the bubble.

7-Max Turbo PKO

$22 Mini 7-Max Turbo PKO ($20K GTD)

Jan Focken ($1,440 + $1,124) banked a win for Germany after he survived a 934-strong field. The last player standing in his way was Alexey Vorobyev ($1,438 + $162), but the Russian couldn’t quite go the distance, having to settle for runner up. Focken’s bounties made all the difference as he was the only player to win a four-figure sum after eliminating 10 opponents, as well as winning his own bounty once the deal was sealed.

Radoslav Chernev ($910 + $186), Renan Molinari De Jesus ($621 + $217), Gabriel Merenda ($428 + $159), Tadas Zitkevicius ($307 + $30), Nguyen Van Son ($230 + $164) and Emma Stokes ($172 + $74) were the rest of the eight finalists, with 133 places paid. Jesper Kaagaard Bak unfortunately finished just outside of the money and with no bounties won, the Dane was the last player to be eliminated without seeing a return on his investment.

Mini 7-Max Turbo PKO

Concludes tonight

$1,050 8-Max Weekender PKO (500K GTD)

Almost four times as many entries were counted in last night’s Day 1b flight, with 204 players putting $204,000 into the prize pool. A host of big names logged in to their accounts yesterday and some of them had a very successful night of it too, with Preben Stokkan accumulating the most chips. The Norwegian, who is playing from the UK, turned 100,000 into 1,593,418 and collected $1,937 for eliminating seven opponents.

Preben Stokkan

Preben Stokkan

Georgi Sandev (1,248,028) won the most cash on the night, with $2,937 in bounties which is almost three times his original buy-in. Nikita Kuznetsov (1,224,898, $1,750), Stefan Huber (1,182,185, $500) and Warren Russell (1,135,485, $750) took the last of the top five spots.

There were many notable players still in the mix when Level 18 had concluded, bringing Day 1b to an end. Too many to name them all but Simon Mattsson (7th, 1,063,724), Artem Vezhenkov (9th, 1,008,752, $750) and Jareth East (10th, 965,071, $2,125) all made the top 10 stacks. Jonathan Proudfoot (11th, 959,135, $1,625), Philipp Gruissem (14th, 752,516, $1,000), Dominik Nitsche (16th, 640,071, $1,187), Niklas Åstedt (17th, 622,916, $2,500), Yuri Dzivielevski (19th, 435,090, $0), Chris Moorman (20th, 407,858, $500) and Dylan Linde (21st, 407,132,625) were some examples of the exemplar field who survived.

They come back tonight at 7:05 pm and will join the six who progressed via Day 1a. Play will resume at Level 19 with blinds of 7,000/14,000 1,750 ante. Before that though, is Day 1c – a turbo flight taking place at 4:05 pm. This is your last chance to take part! With $256,000 in the prize pool so far, the potential value is immense with almost a quarter of a million dollars needed to reach the guarantee.

$109 Mini 8-Max Weekender PKO (200K GTD)

Ivan Zufic (2,431,976) had an incredible night, bagging double the amount that Day 1a chip leader Pedro Jorge (1,226,979) did, despite only knocking out two players for $93 in bounties. Adam Funch Jensen did his best to challenge and finished on 1,711,585, which was good for second place plus he took $168 in bounties.

Rasmus Agerlo (1,559,489, $249), Nils Pudel (1,538,213, $209) and David Hu (1,538,091, $168) took third to fifth spots, while other well-known players such as Andreas Berggren (11th, 1,382,96), Boris Angelov (15th, 1,200,123, $212) and Renato Nomura (43rd, 676,009, $115) progressed to the final day too.

Almost two-thirds of the guarantee has been met, with 811 entries in last night’s flight, contributing $81,100 to the $49,200 from Day 1a, bringing the running total to $130,300. From the 811 starters, 127 go through to today’s final and will also resume at Level 19 with blinds of 7,000/14,000 1,750 ante.

$11 Micro 8-Max Weekender PKO (50K GTD)

Erik Horvath (2,298,031, $37) claimed the top spot in the counts but finished someway behind Jordan Smyth (2,846,232) who was the chip leader at the end of Day 1a. It is by no means unimpressive though, with Horvath’s stack worth 164 big blinds when Day 2 gets underway at Level 19 with blinds of 7,000/14,000 1,750 ante.

Jarod Gearey (2,261,097, $28), Nathan Gray (2,146,968, $42), Jacek Dembinski (2,027,072, $15) and Jack Wheeler (2,019,806) all took a spot in the top five too, and will return with the rest of the 206 players who made it through. The total number of entries for Day 1b was 1,493, which means there is potential value to be had here as well, with $28,350 in the prize pool ahead of today’s final starting flight.

Tonight’s schedule

Anyone who plays on partypoker.com tonight will be spoilt for choice with a plethora of WPT events to choose from. Buy-ins range from $11 all the way up to $10,300 too, so there is something for everyone.

The highlight of the entire festival – the WPT Main Event Championship – takes place tonight, with Day 1b continuing this historic event. The prize pool is an incredible $10 million guaranteed and if the full buy-in seems a little steep for your budget, there are plenty of satellites and feeders running in the lead up to the 7 pm kick-off.


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