Jonathan Khalifa Wins WPTDeepStacks Main Event

Jun 4, 2017

Jonathan Khalifa


WPTDeepStacks, poker’s premier mid-major tournament circuit, has a brand new champion. Frenchman Jonathan Khalifa whizzed through the field in the WPTDeepStacks Cannes €1,200 Main Event and scored the €60,157 top prize.

The result proved Khalifa’s best live tournament score, and along with it came a €2,000 seat into the season-ending WPTDeepStacks European Championship event.

Khalifa topped a field of 266 entries.

WPTDeepStacks Cannes Final Table Results

1. Jonathan Khalifa – €60,157
2. Omar Lakhdari – €43,720
3. Anthony Cruz – €28,141
4. Alexandre Le Vaillant – €17,286
5. Erwann Pecheux – €13,297
6. Antonin Teisseire – €11,030
7. Dimitri Paillarguelo – €9,196
8. Fabien Bonavial – €7,595
9. Gilbert Diaz – €6,130

Sixteen players returned for Day 3 of the WPTDeepStacks Cannes Main Event, but only nine of those 16 would reach the final table. Erwann Pecheux, a Team Pro, entered the day as the chip leader. Pecheux also entered the final table as the chip leader, but his run ended in fifth place.

After losing most of his chips against Anthony Cruz with top pair versus middle set, Pecheux’s final blow was dealt by Khalifa.

Khalifa entered the final table second in chips, and he moved into the chip lead with four players left following a big clash against Omar Lakhdari.

Play folded to Khalifa in the small blind, and he completed the bet for 50,000. Lakhdari raised to 150,000 from the big blind, and Khalifa called to see the flop come down KsKhJh. Khalifa checked, Lakhdari bet 50,000, and Khalifia check-raised to 125,000. Lakhdari made the call, and the dealer dealt the 8d on the turn. Khalifa bet 225,000, and Lakhdari upped things with a raise to 625,000. Khalifa called, and the river was the 7c to complete the board. Khalifa led with a bet of 900,000, and Lakhdari made the call with the KdQc for trip kings. Khalifa had hit on the river, though, and his Kc7h for a full house gave him the large pot.

Alexandre Le Vaillant was eventually eliminated in fourth place, and Cruz busted in third, setting up a heads-up battle between Khalifa and Lakhdari. Entering the final duel, Khalifa had better than a 2-1 chip lead.

After a series of small pots between the two, the money went in with Lakhdari’s pocket fives looking to hold up against Khalifa’s Ah3d. An ace hit the flop to give Khalifa the lead and he held up from there to secure the title.

Lakhdari, who came off an impressive few finishes during the PokerStars Championship WPT MonteDam Swing, finished second for €43,720.

Next up for the WPTDeepStacks tour in Europe is a trip to Portugal August 25-September 3 for WPTDeepStacks Portugal at Casino Solverde. The €1,100 Main Event runs August 31-September 3 and boasts a €200,000 guaranteed prize pool.

For more information on WPTDeepStacks Portugal, please click here.

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