WPT Asia-Pacific POY Points System

WPT Asia-Pacific Player of the Year Points System

Commencing April 2017 and coinciding with Season XVI, the World Poker Tour will conduct a WPT Asia-Pacific Player of the Year (APOY) competition to award seasonally, the top three poker players in the Asia-Pacific region. This will be determined by a leader board where players gain points by participating in WPT tournaments in the Asia-Pacific region.

Each APOY season will conclude on the same day that the WPT Tournament of Champions event finishes (for example, the Season XVI WPT Tournament of Champions was concluded on May 26, 2017).

The Prizes For Season XVI Will Be As Follows:

1st: USD $15,000 WPT Season XVII Package which can be used for WPT Main Tour stops, WPTDeepStacks and WPT500 event buy-ins in the WPT Asia-Pacific region during Season XVII. Complimentary accommodation and ground transportation for the chosen Main Events will also be provided.

2nd: Season XVII WPT Beijing Main Tour buy-in valued at USD $3,500 approximately.

3rd: Season XVII 1x WPTDeepstacks main event entry and 1x WPT500 entry in Asia-Pacific.

The events listed below are official WPT Asia-Pacific Player of the Year qualifying events that counted towards the Season XVI WPT APOY Leader Board.


WPT Beijing › April 15-19, 2017

WPTDeepstacks Sanya › October 29 – November 3, 2017

WPTDeepstacks Goa › November 1-7, 2017

Season XVI WPT Asia-Pacific Player of the Year Scoring Criteria:

During a World Poker Tour season, the winner of the WPT Asia-Pacific Player of the Year Award, will be the player who earns the most POY points during said season. In the event of a tie, the player who earns the most money in such season will win the WPT Asia-Pacific Player of the Year for such season.

All WPT Asia-Pacific Main and Side Events count towards the WPT Asia-Pacific Player of the Year race except for Team Events and Gender Specific Events or as otherwise stipulated.


  • Events must have at least 10 entrants to qualify for POY points.
  • Regularly scheduled daily or weekly events, that are not part of a series, do not qualify.

There Are Three (3) Criteria When Calculating Points:

1. Place Finished

2. Amount of the buy-in

3. Number of entrants

POY Points Criteria for Season XVI

Total Points Are Calculated by Multiplying the Point Factors of the Following Three Criteria:

1. Place Finished

Top 10 players maximum awarded points and a player must cash to receive points.

1st Place Finish: 100 POY Points

2nd: 90

3rd: 80

4th: 70

5th: 60

6th: 50

7th: 40

8th: 30

9th: 20

10th: 10

2. Entries Multiplier

10 < 100 entries › 1

100 < 250 entries › 2

250 < 500 entries › 3

500 < 1000 entries › 5

1000+ entries › 8

3. Buy-ins Multiplier (USD $)

All WPT500 events qualify as 2 points. Currencies for other events will be adjusted to the USD equivalent as per the exchange rate at www.xe.com at the time of the opening day of the tour stop.

<$500 › 1

$501-$1,000 › 2

$1,001-$2,000 › 3

$2,001-$5,000 › 5

>$5,00 › 8


1st Place in a 2,000 entry WPT500 receives: 100*8*2 = 1,600 points.
1st Place in an 800 entry USD$3,500 Main Tour event receives: 100*5*5 = 2,500 points.
1st Place in a 100 entry USD$25,000 high roller event receives – 100*2*8 = 1,600 points.

Conditions & Rules:

World Poker Tour bears no responsibility for any incorrect points standings due to an error in the spelling of player names. Please check the overall standings page after each event and email [email protected] as soon as possible if you believe points have been miscalculated. Any errors must be reported within 2 weeks after each event to guarantee review and update of the ranking. You may be asked at any stage to provide World Poker Tour or its designated third party with proof of your age, identity or details and you must, on demand, be able to present a valid passport or other valid government issued picture ID to verify your age, identity or details to the reasonable satisfaction of World Poker Tour. If you are unable to produce any such document(s) to the reasonable satisfaction of World Poker Tour, you will be automatically excluded from the competition and may forfeit any privileges, prizes or funds that have been attained by or awarded to you in relation thereto, without compensation of any kind.

If World Poker Tour becomes aware of any fraud, deceit, misconduct, dishonesty or similar action concerning your participation in the competition, then World Poker Tour reserves the absolute right to automatically disqualify you or invalidate any or all of the points awarded. Throughout the competition, strict rules regarding the behaviour of all Entrants will be enforced by World Poker Tour and/or its designees. World Poker Tour reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary against any Entrant found to be in breach of the Tournament Rules and/or acting deceitfully or dishonestly with respect to the competition and such action may include but shall not be limited to exclusion, suspension or disqualification from the competition, participation in future events, the confiscation of any prize or of any rewards that have been allocated and/or that would ordinarily have been awarded to that Entrant.

The decision as to what activity or behaviour constitutes a breach of these Rules or the Promotion or what constitutes an act of deceit or dishonesty in relation to any conduct by an Entrant while participating in this Promotion rests solely with World Poker Tour in its sole discretion. Any Entrant in receipt of a Prize as part of this Promotion bears sole responsibility for all duties, taxes or charges that may be payable any relevant authority in relation to their receipt of the Prize in accordance with
applicable laws. In the case of disputes or disagreements concerning any aspect of this Promotion including but not limited to all matters relating to the awarding of the Prizes, an Entrant’s eligibility to participate in the competition, the conduct of any Entrant, these Rules, the Terms and Conditions and/or the Tournament Terms, the final decision shall lie with World Poker Tour, and any decision by World Poker Tour shall be final and binding upon you and shall not be subject to review or appeal by you or any third party.

By participating in the competition, you hereby grant to World Poker Tour the right to use your name, likeness, voice and image in marketing and promotion campaigns in any media whatsoever without compensation and you expressly waive any claims or right to any action against World Poker Tour pertaining to such use in any way. World Poker Tour reserves the right, at any time, to alter these Rules, the Scoring Criteria, the schedule of events and/or the Tournament Rules at its sole discretion, including to cancel, modify or suspend the competition if, in its sole discretion, World Poker Tour believes that the Promotion is not capable of being conducted as specified. Any changes to the Promotion shall be made on www.worldpokertour.com and your continued participation in the Promotion shall be deemed an acceptance of any proposed changes, modification or alterations.