Royal Flush Crew

Appearing in every episode, the members of the Royal Flush Crew go beyond the felt at each stop on the World Poker Tour. These lifestyle ambassadors specialize in fitness, nutrition, fashion, and more, so be sure to introduce yourselves to them at your next live WPT tournament or event.

Alexandra Grey Alexandra Grey

Growing up in Cambridge, and spending seven years at boarding school, Alexandra now lives in East London. Her hobbies include the serenity of yoga, the exhilaration of horse-riding, the rhythm of running, and the tranquility found in reading.

Alex’s presence extends beyond personal pursuits. She made her mark as part of the first series of the BAFTA award-winning show, The Traitors. Additionally, she has been a notable presenter for major brand names such as Hyundai, UEFA Champions League, Nissan, Budweiser, ITV, and Reebok. Alex Gray’s journey reflects a blend of personal wellness and professional success, making her a dynamic and accomplished individual.

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Andrea Pineda Andrea Pineda

Andrea Pineda, originally from Venezuela, currently resides in Cincinnati. Her hobbies reflect a diverse and vibrant lifestyle, including dancing, shopping, working out, exploring makeup and fashion, traveling, and even indulging in the intricate world of building Harry Potter Legos. Recently, she joined a pickleball league, adding another dimension to her active pursuits.

Professionally, Andrea is a successful founding member of both a toy company and a digital company, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

In addition to her professional achievements, Andrea is a devoted mother to a 4-year-old named Arya. A self-proclaimed huge Harry Potter nerd, she brings her passion for the magical world into her hobbies and, undoubtedly, her life.

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Angela Rockwood Angela Rockwood

Angela Rockwood, originally from Clovis, N.M., and now residing in Tampa, Florida, is a dynamic force in the entertainment industry. With a career spanning over 25 years, Angela is a model, actress, TV producer, speaker, manifestation life coach, and disability activist.

In 2001, Angela faced a life-altering car accident that paralyzed her from the neck down. Undeterred, she emerged as a symbol of resilience and empowerment. Angela has graced national commercials, appeared in films like CinemAbility, and co-created the Sundance Channel’s “Push Girls,” breaking stereotypes and pushing boundaries.

An advocate for intimate partner violence awareness, Angela passionately shares her journey to inspire change. She speaks about resilience, pushing limits, and serves as a 2015 & 2016 Honorary Commander for Edwards Air Force Base, chosen for her impactful message on resilience.

Currently filming “Pen Pals,” Angela continues to redefine beauty standards and inspire others with her mantra: “Life is a gift, and what we do with our life is our gift back to the world, to others, and to ourselves.” She returns to modeling in a chair, proving that “Beauty comes in ALL shapes, sizes, color, age & in EVERY vessel.”

Angela Rockwood is not just an entertainment icon; she is a relentless advocate, motivational speaker, and living testament to the unstoppable spirit of the human journey.

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Ashleigh Lawrence Ashleigh Lawrence

Ashleigh Lawrence, hailing from the Gold Coast in Australia, is a globetrotter, personal trainer, and adventure enthusiast. Her love for travel has taken her to 83 countries, with the ambitious goal of exploring every corner of the world.

In addition to her passion for exploration, Ashleigh is a personal trainer specializing in strength training for women, driven by a commitment to empower women in achieving their fitness goals. Her outdoor pursuits include free-diving, scuba diving, hiking, and camping, reflecting an active and adventurous lifestyle.

Ashleigh has made her mark on the entertainment scene, having appeared on television shows, feature films, and commercials. Notably, she finished as the runner-up on The Amazing Race Australia and emerged as the winner of No Time to Lose, an adventure reality show seamlessly blending elements of The Amazing Race and Survivor.

Academically, Ashleigh holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Accounting. Her journey encompasses a blend of exploration, fitness advocacy, and a thriving presence in the world of entertainment, making Ashleigh Lawrence a truly accomplished and dynamic individual.

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Barney Bowe Barney Bowe

Barney Bowe, is originally from Goa, India. His hobbies include riding motorcycles and exploring the culinary world through cooking. Beyond these interests, Barney is deeply immersed in the realms of acting, music production, DJing, and international presenting.

Known by his stage name, Barney Trouble, he derived inspiration from the exhilarating moments when the dance floor goes wild during his DJ sets. Barney’s journey encapsulates a blend of creative pursuits and a love for thrilling experiences, making him a distinctive and dynamic personality in the entertainment world.

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Brenden Johnson Brenden Johnson

Brenden Johnson, a certified personal trainer, is a passionate enthusiast of sports, dogs, and fitness. With dreams of owning about 20 dogs and establishing his own gym, Brenden’s love for an active lifestyle shines through.

Brenden’s sports background adds to his vibrant personality. He cherishes the simple joys of life, such as indulging in ice cream and donuts.

Brenden’s philosophy revolves around the belief that life is too short to engage in activities you dislike, emphasizing the importance of doing what makes you happy. He firmly believes that happiness is the key to success, and his journey is a testament to living life with passion and purpose.

Chloe Stokes Chloe Stokes

Chloe Stokes, from Louisiana, embodies a spirit of adventure and curiosity that has led her to explore diverse corners of the United States and nurture dreams of international travel.

Chloe’s active lifestyle extends beyond the gym, and she takes pride in being a dedicated dog mom to her beloved fur babies. Daily walks are not just a routine for her pets but a shared joy. Embracing her nerdy side with enthusiasm, Chloe is a self-proclaimed bookworm, finding solace and delight in the pages of a good book.

With a degree in Psychology from The University of Southern Mississippi, Chloe embarked on her professional journey, showcasing her versatility in various management roles across different companies, including the world’s largest online retailer. Beyond the business realm, Chloe has also dabbled in the film industry, contributing to projects by booking extras for TV shows and movies. Her involvement extends to shooting commercials and promotional events for casinos and other large-scale gatherings across the US.

Chloe, who has Alopecia, carries an inspiring message of resilience and acceptance. She hopes to utilize her platform to be a beacon of light for anyone suffering from alopecia or anyone who feels “different” in this world. Chloe aims to demonstrate that what makes people different also makes them unique and special, encouraging others to never let those differences hold them back from pursuing their dreams. Her journey is not just one of personal and professional achievement but also a testament to the strength that comes from embracing one’s individuality and using it as a source of empowerment.

Danielle Ruiz Danielle Ruiz

Danielle Ruiz, originally from Hollywood Hills, CA, is a multi-talented individual. Her hobbies include the art of cooking, a keen eye for interior design, and the joy of shopping. Danielle is not just limited to her hobbies; she has made significant strides in her professional journey.

In 2023, she added real estate agent to her list of accomplishments. In 2024 alone, Danielle has already graced two magazine covers, highlighting her prominence in the industry. Her presence extends to television, with appearances on Tosh.0, Dexter, The New Girl, and Ray Donovan, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

A quote that resonates deeply with Danielle is “Dreams don’t have deadlines,” reflecting her steadfast approach to life and career.

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Ivy Teves Ivy Teves

Ivey Teves, originally from the Philippines, embarked on her journey in the world of modeling at the age of 15, venturing into print and commercial work, which ultimately led her to become a distinguished member of the Royal Flush Crew. Ivy is a movie enthusiast and plant-based foodie, she finds joy in activities like hiking, road biking, and exploring various corners of the globe as a dedicated traveler. Her love for animals adds a compassionate touch to her adventurous spirit. She holds a nursing degree, showcasing her commitment to health and wellness. A black belt holder in Taekwondo, Ivey has conquered a Spartan race, embodying her dedication to martial arts and physical fitness. Her global exploration has taken her to 40 countries, and she once graced the stage as a contestant in the Miss Philippines pageant.

Adding to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Ivey is the proud owner of the vegan skincare brand “IV Ever Beauty,” highlighting her commitment to cruelty-free and sustainable beauty practices. Ivey Teves’ journey is one marked by passion, resilience, and a commitment to promoting health, beauty, and wellness. Her diverse pursuits reflect a vibrant individual who has carved a unique path in both the worlds of fashion and entrepreneurial ventures.

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Jeannie Duffy Jeannie Duffy

Jeannie Duffy, proud to call New Castle, Delaware, her hometown, leads a life filled with diverse interests and achievements.

Her hobbies span from yoga, working out, and hiking, to the thrill of traveling and practicing piano. Family and friends hold a special place in her heart, especially spending time with her daughter.

Jeannie’s commitment to service is evident through her 6 years in the United States Air Force. As a Registered Yoga Teacher specializing in Yin and Restorative Yoga, she brings her passion for wellness to others.

With a successful 17-year career as a model in Las Vegas and a remarkable 13-year stint as a World Poker Tour Ambassador, Jeannie has made her mark in both the fashion and poker worlds.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Jeannie is a proud mom, Philadelphia Eagles fan, and self-proclaimed foodie and wino. Her journey embodies a harmonious blend of service, wellness, career success, and a deep appreciation for the joys of life.

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Raysa Peres Raysa Peres

Raysa Peres Fuentes, from Dallas, Texas, is a dynamic individual with a passion for photography, boxing, martial arts, and travel. As a successful model, she has been featured in campaigns for Maserati, Lexus, Top Golf, Zales Jewelry, and more. Raysa has also made appearances in two feature films and starred in music videos for Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown. Additionally, she owns and operates her own jewelry business, VELOWE.


In addition to her accomplishments in the entertainment and entrepreneurial realms, Raysa is a lifelong learner with two bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Fluent in English, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Russian, she once danced with the National Ballet of Ukraine, showcasing her commitment to the arts. Raysa Peres Fuentes is a truly versatile and accomplished individual.

Tugba Ercan Tugba Ercan

Tugba Ercan, hailing from Los Angeles, California, is a dynamic individual with a passion for diverse interests.

Her hobbies encompass the thrill of traveling, maintaining health and fitness, pursuing acting and modeling, indulging in movies, relishing good food, and seeking out activities that provide an adrenaline rush.

A seasoned presence on the World Poker Tour since season 10, Tugba’s talent extends beyond the poker table. With notable acting and film credits on IMDb, she has made a mark in the entertainment industry. Tugba has been featured in numerous print ads, commercials, music videos, and magazines. Notably, she recently graced the cover of Rounder Magazine, adding to her impressive portfolio that includes titles such as Miss Hawaiian Tropic Turkey in 2008 and roles in projects like the Prince Yamaha Piano and A Mic promo film. Tugba Ercan’s journey is marked by a vibrant mix of adventure, talent, and a diverse array of accomplishments.

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Tyler Campbell Tyler Campbell

Tyler Campbell, from Florida, finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Whether it’s the comfort of a good night’s sleep, immersing herself in a captivating book, or conquering Fortnite battles, Tyler embraces life’s little pleasures. A glass of her favorite Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect companion to these moments.

In the company of close friends, loved ones, and his feline companion, Butterball, Tyler cherishes the warmth of meaningful connections. Hosting board game nights is a delightful touch to these cherished gatherings.

An Army Reserves veteran with 8 years of service, Tyler seamlessly transitioned into a successful 2+ year career as a skilled Business Analyst. Her journey reflects a balance of both the simple joys of life and a commitment to professional excellence.

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Vanessa Dove Vanessa Dove

Vanessa Dove, originally from Oakland, currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Her diverse interests include going to Korean spas, getting red light and cryotherapy, horseback riding and gardening. In her free time she likes to go to the beach, travel, take roadtrips on the Pacific Coast Highway, and scroll TikTok.

Professionally, Vanessa is a versatile talent, crafting captivating content for global giants like Amazon and collaborating with boutique wellness brands worldwide. As a model, she graces campaigns for Athleta and Vuori Clothing, seamlessly blending her passions with appearances on reality TV.

Rooted in her practice of Tibetan Buddhism, Vanessa spreads the message of metta (loving kindness) through her work as a content creator, yoga teacher, and published author, guiding others through the soothing embrace of yin yoga and metta meditation with unwavering authenticity and boundless creativity.

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