Alan Keating Scoops $2.4 Million Pot, 2nd Largest in HCL History

Alan Keating’s image, and an incredible river card, helped him get paid in a $2.437 million pot, the second-largest ever broadcast on Hustler Casino Live.

Jeff Walsh
Jun 1, 2024
Alan Keating battled with Rahul all night before besting him in a pot worth $2.4 million, the 2nd largest ever in HCL history. (photo courtesy: Hustler Casino Live/John Villarama)

Hustler Casino Live’s 2024 Million Dollar Game week came to an end on Friday night with incredible action and massive amounts of money changing hands, including a hand that instantly made history as the second-largest pot in Hustler Casino Live history, in which HCL fan-favorite Alan Keating dragged a pot more than $2.4 million.

For the better part of seven hours, Keating had been battling with HCL newcomer Rahul, a friend of high-stakes notable Santhosh Suvarna. Rahul quickly proved he was not a newcomer to playing at the nosebleed stakes and had used his position to make life difficult for Keating throughout the night. But after many jabs were traded Keating finally got the hand he was looking for in what turned into a knockout punch and the largest confrontation of the entire week.

Sitting on a stack of more than $1.3 million, holding the Spade 8Spade 7, Rahul put in a raise to $15,000. This being the action game it was, he got four callers including Keating holding Spade 10Spade 9.

Five ways to the flop of Spade JHeart 8Spade 4 giving Rahul a pair and a flush draw with a back door straight draw. Keating also picked up a better flush draw as well as an open-ended straight draw. The other three hands for the most part missed. Rahul fired $40K into the middle and shed all the hands besides Keating, who made the call.

The turn was the Diamond A, a potential scare card for both players. Undeterred, Rahul led for another $140,000 – a pot-sized bet.

“[Rahul] Praying for a spade…but that’s not what he wants,” commentator Christian Soto said. “Praying for a seven…but that’s also not what he wants.

“Praying for a fold…that’s certainly not coming.”

After a moment Keating made the call and the pot swelled to $437,000. And the dealer ripped off the Heart 7, one of the biggest possible action cards in the deck for the hand.

Keating quickly checked. “Rahul has to believe he had the best hand here,” Soto continued. “And Keating rivers the nuts…what a river card.”

Rahul clearly did believe he had the best hand as he slid out a $200K value bet, leaving himself with $951K behind. Keating looked down, paused, and announced he was all in for $1 million. Rahul instantly looked pained, asked for a count, and was immediately put in the blender.

“This is going to take some time,” Rahul said and started trying to unravel the hand out loud.

And after roughly six minutes of deliberations, Rahul made the call and was shown the bad news. Keating, who was stuck more than a million before the hand dragged the $2.437 million pot, was immediately in the black and into the history books as the winner of one of the largest pots in televised poker history, just behind Tom Dwan’s record win in the Million Dollar Game last year.

“Boom! $2.4 million straight – Alan Keating is back,” Soto exclaimed. “Leaves Rahul with crumbs.”

Rahul called it a night immediately after, racking up his final $150,000 and leaving the table. For Keating, the second-largest pot in Hustler Casino Live history helped him get even in the moment but was part of propelling him to a win of more than $2 million over the course of his time on the 2024 Million Dollar Game.

Keating will be putting that $2 million back in action soon enough as Hustler Casino Live casually tucked in an announcement of their next big stream in which they are kicking the star power at the table up a notch.

On Sunday, June 23, HCL will be hosting a $50/$100 game starring Brazilian soccer/football superstar Neymar and six-time NBA All-Star for the Miami Heat Jimmy Butler.

The celebrity in the lineup doesn’t stop there. Returning to the show for another round are professional gamer/streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, professional boxer Ryan Garcia, and Keating who, no doubt, will still be riding high after his success on the Million Dollar Game.