Doug Polk, Mariano Grandoli Added To HCL’s Million Dollar Game

This just in, Doug Polk will be joining Hustler Casino Live’s Million Dollar Game later this month.

Jeff Walsh
May 2, 2023
Doug Polk celebrates an invite to Hustler Casino Live’s Million Dollar Game (photo: Doug Polk YouTube)

Hustler Casino Live co-founders, Ryan Feldman and Nick Vertucci hopped on the Doug Polk podcast on Tuesday to unveil the latest additions to the growing list of players scheduled to appear in this month’s $1,000,000 buy-in livestream cash game. In the end, five players were added to the Million Dollar Game with the “big reveal” being Doug Polk himself.

In addition to the previously announced cast, highlighted by Ethan ‘Rampage’ Yau, Eric Persson, and Nik ‘Airball’ Arcot, Feldman offered Polk a seat in the history-making game. Polk, not originally on the HCL lineup, was notable in the chat during Feldman and Vertucci’s original cast reveal on the Joey Ingram podcast. During that broadcast, Polk made it clear that he wanted in and it looks like he got his wish.


“Thank you very much guys,” Polk said just after being announced. “And I will do you right. I’m bringing my game…I will do my best. I will fight for some pots. I will make it a show.”

In addition to Polk, Feldman announced that rising high-stakes players ‘Handz’ and Australia’s ‘Huss’ would also be in the mix as well as HCL mainstay Wesley ‘Wes Side’ Fei – who, appropriately, was the first player in HCL history to buy in for $1 million on his own.

Adding to the star power was the inclusion of cash game crusher and poker vlogger Mariano Grandoli. The addition of Grandoli is a bit of a reversal for Feldman who, during the aforementioned podcast wit Ingram, made mention that there simply wasn’t a seat for the rising star. However, with the increased interest in the game, the show plans to be flexible with both the number of hours and days that the Million Dollar Game will be taking place making more room for notable players to be added.

Currently scheduled for May 26-30 with (likely long) hours to be determined, the Million Dollar Game continues to take shape. The current player list is up to 17 names, but with a few looming notables in the high-stakes scene (see: Alan Keating) still unannounced it’s likely that Feldman and Vertucci are not yet done adding to the cast list.