Jessica Bian Hong Yang Wins WPT Korea Main Event

Oct 1, 2017

Jessica Bian Hong Yang

Jessica Bian Hong Yang (pictured) from Toronto, Canada, emerged victorious atop the 175-entry field in the WPT Korea Main Event to take home the KRW 56.992 million (approx. $50,000) top prize. The win proved the largest of Bian Hong Yang’s poker career and gave the world its first WPT title holder in Asia.

WPT Korea Main Event Final Table Results

1st: Jessica Bian Hong Yang – KRW 56,992,000
2nd: Iori Yogo – KRW 39,940,000
3rd: Yi Shun Ji – KRW 25,689,000
4th: Albert Paik – KRW 19,020,000
5th: Jia Liang Xiao – KRW 14,277,000
6th: Tsun Ming Chan – KRW 11,412,000

Bian Hong Yang is known to play cash games, but her skills translated well to the tournament felt as she defeated a tough group of competitors to earn the title. One of her competitors at the final table was Iori Logo, who entered the event third on Japan’s all-time money list. Although she had about $950,000 less in live tournament earnings than Yogo, Bian Hong Yang came out on top.

In addition to eliminating Yogo, Bian Hong Yang busted Yi Shun Ji in third place and Albert Park in fourth place en route to winning the tournament.

In addition to facing a tough group of players, Bian Hong Yang began the final table in fourth chip position, but she maneuvered her way to the front thanks to well-timed aggression and quality reads.

On the final hand, Bian Hong Yang reraised all in over the top of an open from Yogo. Yogo made the call to put his tournament life on the line with pocket deuces. His baby pocket pair was behind the pocket eights of Bian Hong Yang, and the board gave him no help.

For his runner-up finish, Yogo earned KRW 39.94 million (approx. $35,000).

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