S19 WPT World Online Championships: 7-Max Championship Winners Crowned; WPT500 Final Table Set

by Christian Zetzsche The S19 World Poker Tour World Online Championships (WOC) is gearing up for the highlight of the online poker festival on the partypoker platform as the first starting day of the $5,300 Main Event has been completed. Furthermore, the final table of the popular Event #3 WPT500 is set and the three…

Christian Zetzsche
Aug 31, 2021


by Christian Zetzsche

The S19 World Poker Tour World Online Championships (WOC) is gearing up for the highlight of the online poker festival on the partypoker platform as the first starting day of the $5,300 Main Event has been completed. Furthermore, the final table of the popular Event #3 WPT500 is set and the three editions of the 7-Max Championship have all played down to a winner.

Several Side Events distributed all collected prize money and the next highlights await in the days to come. Find out more about the latest winners and who has made it one step further to etch their name into the history books.

Event #03 WPT500 ($1m gtd)

After the completion of all starting days and a second day that lasted just over six hours, the final table was reached in Event #03 WPT500. A total of 2,295 entries were reduced to 342 survivors who then played down to the final nine. They are all guaranteed a decent portion of the $1,147,500 prize pool as the 9th place finisher will take home $13,212. The winner gets to boost their bankroll with a top prize of $173,395.

Brazil, Bulgaria and Austria boast two finalists each as Pedro Cavalieri and Bernardo Soares lead the pack. Notables in the mix include Ognyan Dimov, Stoyan Obreshkov, Stevan Chew, and Maxi Lehmanski. The winner will be crowned as of 8.05 pm EST on Tuesday, August 31, and the action will be streamed on the partypoker Youtube and Twitch channels.

Final Table Line-Up:

Position Player Country Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Pedro Cavalieri Brazil 246,085,920 82
2 Bernardo Soares Brazil 238,615,804 80
3 Ognyan Dimov Bulgaria 188,457,701 63
4 Thomas Hueber Austria 147,514,740 49
5 Stoyan Obreshkov Bulgaria 94,617,540 32
6 Silvio Costa Portugal 68,186,674 23
7 Samuel Kabelitz Austria 60,762,304 20
8 Stevan Chew Australia 58,173,474 19
9 Maxi Lehmanski Germany 45,085,843 15


Event #04 Super50 ($250k gtd) and Event #05 Super5 ($50k gtd)

While the WPT500 is waiting to crown a winner, this has already been taken care of in the two bargain editions, Event #04 Super50 and Event #05 Super5. Both tournaments exceeded their guarantees and took around seven hours on the final day until one player had accumulated all the chips.

In Event #04: Super50, 1,069 players out of 7,246 entries battled for their share of the $362,300 prize pool. The min-cash was worth $108.18 while a spot on the nine-handed final table was rewarded with a payday of $3,333.21. Six players from Brazil were among the top 11 finishers and the most well-known poker pro of them was Fabiano Kovalski (9th place).

Another known name on the poker scene was the next to go as Stefan Lehner took home $4,205.59 for the efforts. Felipe Da Costa and Afranio Machado were aiming to bring home the title to Brazil but it was Ovidiu Rosca that prevailed and earned the top prize of nearly $49k.

Event #04 Super50 Final Five:

Place Winner Country Prize (in USD)
1 Ovidiu Rosca United Kingdom $48,997.81
2 Afranio Machado Brazil $32,870.71
3 Felipe Da Costa Brazil $22,086.59
4 Angelo Mirabella Malta $14,784.54
5 Finn Penderak Germany $10,002.09

Out of a field of 10,398 entries, Event #05 Super5 saw 1,510 players return to battle for $51,990 in prize money and earn a payday of at least $11.14. The final nine had all $456.24 locked up and among the hopefuls was also Oksana Ovskiannikova, who fell in 8th place for $576.52.

Brazil was represented once more in the top five as Joao Pedro Lobo finished in 4th place for $2,039.75. However, it was two Germans that battled for the biggest slice of the money and Leopold Dornberger defeated Nikolay Moisyuk to claim $6,382.01.

Event #05 Super5 Final Five:

Place Winner Country Prize (in USD)
1 Leopold Dornberger Germany $6,382.01
2 Nikolay Moisyuk Germany $4,932.79
3 Teun Borel Netherlands $3,048.84
4 Joao Pedro Lobo Brazil $2,039.75
5 Panagiotis Kateris Greece $1,378.86


Event #06: 7-Max Championship

There were three tiers in total for the 7-Max Championship, which came with buy-ins of $2,100, $215, and $22. The most expensive of them had a massive $1 million guarantee which it all but reached thanks to 489 total entries. Late registration was open for one level on Day 2 and it eventually took some five and half hours to determine a winner.

The list of notables in the top 20 includes several big names of the international poker circuit such as Alexandros Kolonias, Ole Schemion, Andras Nemeth, Juan Pardo, and Ami Barer. However, they all missed out on the final table as did Andrey Pateychuk in 8th place. The accumulated progressive knockout among the final seven showcases the domination in all-in showdowns of Eder Campana, who walked away with more than $96k in bounties and $72k in cash.

Campana defeated Thomas Boivin in heads-up while Peru’s Diego Cuellar finished in third place. Rising Russian star Artur Martirosian multi-tabled a high-stakes competition during the Super High Roller Bowl Europe and this event, eventually bowing out in 6th place.

Final Table Result $2,100 7-Max Championship:

Place Winner Country Bounty Prize (in USD) Cash Prize (in USD)
1 Eder Campana Brazil $96,585.95 $72,372.96
2 Thomas Boivin Belgium $15,914.06 $72,269.77
3 Diego Cuellar Peru $6,218.75 $49,279.52
4 Jose Antonio Jaraiz Lopez Spain $14,984.37 $32,668.32
5 Lars Kamphues Germany $16,140.62 $22,462.84
6 Artur Martirosian Russia $11,500.00 $17,497.81
7 Andrey Kotelnikov Russia $7,656.25 $12,650.66


The $215 buy-in surpassed the $300k guarantee thanks to 1,864 total entries and 277 players were left in contention for the final Day on August 30. They had all locked up a portion of the $372,800 prize pool no matter if they collected a bounty prize or not.

Thomas Boivin, Ami Barer, Teun Mulder, and Paul Hoefer reached the top 20 but came up short of the final table, which Emil Olsson bubbled. Recent WSOP Online bracelet winner Renan Bruschi finished in third place for more than $22k combined but it was a Russian duel for the title. Online streamer Aleksandr Shepel defeated Leonid Orman and his PKO bounty portion was nearly as big as the cash prize.

Final Table Result $215 Mini 7-Max Championship:

Place Winner Country Bounty Prize (in USD) Cash Prize (in USD)
1 Aleksandr Shepel Russia $19,828.27 $22,887.42
2 Leonid Orman Russia $878.11 $22,848.46
3 Renan Bruschi Brazil $7,946.09 $14,445.68
4 Eugene Kwak Canada $150.00 $9,686.66
5 Peter Traply Hungary $3,147.27 $6,649.21
6 Christian Nolte Germany $1,944.92 $4,753.06
7 Norbert Buttinger Austria $2,334.36 $3,326.91


Last but not least, the bargain Mini 7-Max Championship with a buy-in of $22 and attracted a field of 4,678 entries. Only 683 players survived their starting days and battled for the biggest slice of the $100k guarantee.

The business end of the tournament featured an astonishing nine Brazilians among the top 20 but the biggest name involved was certainly Malta resident and flying Dutchman Steven van Zadelhoff. He fell in 16th place while Vyacheslav Nikulin bowed out in 13th place. The final seven had at least $843.10 in cash locked up but the bounty prizes were getting quite juicy, to say the least.

Four Brazilians were on the final table and

Final Table Result $22 Micro 7-Max Championship:

Place Winner Country Bounty Prize (in USD) Cash Prize (in USD)
1 Claudio Alves de Oliveira Brazil $4,084.23 $6,028.83
2 Minh Thai New Zealand $727.88 $6,014.36
3 Leonardo Ferreira Cardoso Brazil $829.83 $3,743.86
4 Bernardo Ribeiro Brazil $265.25 $2,501.60
5 Tonis Viik Estonia $89.22 $1,708.83
6 Bruno Chaves Brazil $240.70 $1,213.64
7 Renato Ferreira Brazil $461.15 $843.10


Notable Side Event Winners

The WPT Grand $300k Gtd drew 289 entries for the phase final and several big names made the final table including last week’s champion Elio Fox, Vincent Huang, Michael Gathy, Michiel Brummelhuis, and Pedro Marques. Belgian player Karim Maekelberg claimed the top prize of $57,124.01 after defeating Martin Sehested in heads-up.

Florian Duta came out on top of a heads-up duel with Patrick Brooks to cash for more than $5.4k in the $109 WPT Mix-Max Turbo Knockout. Russia’s Daria Krashennikova finished in 3rd for a combined $6.8k in the WPT Super $215, which was won by Chasan Koula for more than $16.5k in a field of 534 entries.

The UK’s Jamie Nixon came up short of victory by one spot in the WPT Super $530 on August 29. He banked $1,753.90 in bounties and $14,040.48 in cash, Maxim Mamonov topped that with a massive $17,267.62 in bounties and $14,058.91 in cash. The same buy-in and PKO format were featured in the 106-entry strong WPT 7-Max Turbo Knockout as Duco Ten Haven scored a combined $18.9k.

WPT500 finalist Stevan Chew was also busy in the WPT Super $1,050 on Monday, August 30. In a field of 193 entries, the Aussie expat scored a payday of $13,182.36. Pedro Madeira finished as the runner-up and Ivan Sakharov took home $24,828.13 in bounties and $17,200.32 in cash.

What is coming next

Plenty of satellites will be available for the second starting day of the $5,300 Main Event on Sunday, September 5. The flagship tournament of the festival comes with a $5 million guarantee and players can earn their chance at glory for as little as one cent.

The first flights of Event #08 WPT500 Knockout have already wrapped up and the same also applies for the respective Super50 and Super5 editions. Plenty of other Side Events await to all those with limited time in the days to come.