Tom Dwan Taken To School by PLO ‘Professor’ On Hustler Casino Live

Hustler Casino Live’s high stakes “Tom and Airball Show” has been a showcase for why Pot Limit Omaha continues to rise in popularity.

Jeff Walsh
Jul 21, 2023
Hustler Casino Live has been showcasing Tom Dwan and Pot Limit Omaha this week. (image courtesy: Hustler Casino Live)

Anyone who has been watching Hustler Casino Live this week can attest that the game of Pot Limit Omaha is having a moment. For years the game has been growing in popularity, as proof all you have to do is that a look at some of the record-breaking PLO fields at this year’s World Series of Poker. This week  “The Great Game” is capturing the post-WSOP spotlight with HCL’s special presentation of the “Tom and Airball Show”, a week’s worth of high-stakes $500/$500 PLO cash games featuring cash game savant Tom Dwan and HCL star Nik ‘Airball’ Arcot. The results have been a showcase for the unique action and massive swings that make PLO so beloved.

Take for instance this instantly legendary hand from Thursday’s nearly 16-hour stream in which Dwan takes on HCL newcomer ‘Professor’. While not nearly the biggest pot of this week, it’s a fun look into the highs and lows of PLO.

Commentator Joey Ingram breaks it down well, but in case you missed it: ‘Professor’ enters the pot with a raise to $10,000 holding trip tens, not a great starting hand for PLO but the table has a prop bet on where if a player wins with trips in their hand, they pick up an extra $5K from every other player at the table.

After getting three-bet to $34,000 by the player in the hijack and a call on the button from Dwan (who is holding the case ten in his hand), ‘Professor’ follows through with a call pushing the pot to $111,000 and leaving himself with just $16,000 behind.

‘Professor’ checks the Club QSpade 6Spade 4 flop and the hijack moves all in for his last $18,000. The flop gave Dwan the most equity (61%) with a pair, a straight draw, and a flush draw and so he made the call. The action was back on ‘Professor’ who has just 20% equity holding a pair of tens in his hand plus backdoor straight and flush draws. However, despite not being a favorite, he held the best hand. ‘Professor’ crunched the numbers and sigh-shoved his final $16,000 building a pot of $163,000.

Technically ahead, ‘Professor’ just had to hold. The players decided to run it twice and Dwan simply couldn’t catch up. The result, ‘Professor’ scooped with trips in his hand. With the $5K prop bet added in, was a nearly $200,000 pot. 

But don’t feel too bad for Tom Dwan, he still runs good when he needs to: