Wild Action Dominates HCL’s Historic 24-Hour Livestream

Hustler Casino Live wrapped up their week ultra high-stakes action with a record-setting 24-hour livestream that featured some incredible clashes resulting in six-figure swings.

Jeff Walsh
Dec 2, 2023
Santosh (left) and Nik Airball (right) collided in one of the biggest pots of the week during Hustler Casino Live’s High Stakes Week 3 24-hour finale. (photo: Hustler Casino Live)

Hustler Casino Live’s High Stakes Week 3 wrapped up on Saturday afternoon with the conclusion of its record-setting 24-hour poker livestream that featured some of the wildest action of the year thanks in no small part to the inclusion of nosebleed game starter Alan Keating.

The game, which started at $100/200/400 and eventually moved to $1,000/1,000 with a $1,000 ante, rode various waves of adrenaline with a rotating cast of crushers taking a seat throughout the 24 hours. The game played so big that mid-five figure pots felt like the norm and HCL wouldn’t even bother clipping a hand that didn’t exceed the quarter-million dollar mark.

Luckily for fans, there were plenty of those massive pots to go around, including the following highlights from a historic night of high-stakes cash game poker.

Hanks vs. JR

Perhaps one of the most talked about hands of the evening occurred when HCL favorites J.R. and Hanks got all the chips in preflop creating a pot of more than $231,000. Hanks, who had been suffering losses for most of the evening, held a dominated Diamond 9Club 9 to J.R.’s Heart 10Diamond 10. The pair opted to run it twice. JR showed his tens while Hanks kept his pocket pair face down. Hanks won the first runout, four flushing the would-be straight of JR. Then JR won the second flop. Reminiscent of Phil Ivey in the 2009 WSOP Main Event, Hanks didn’t realize that he won the first board with his flush and mucked his cards costing himself ~$115,000 for his mistake. (unless the RFID reader was mistaken, a rarity but it happens.)

Nik Airball vs. Santosh

Nik Airball and Santosh may both be known for giving action with a wide variety of hands, but in this instance, both players picked up unfoldable premiums resulting in a head-on collusion where more than $600,000 got in the middle. Airball’s pocket aces held against Santosh’s pocket kings (as is the case 80% of the time) leading Santosh to hit the rail having lost more than $1.1 million on the evening.

Nik Airball vs. Hanks

For Airball, watching his aces hold against Santosh may have felt like impossible redemption. Earlier in the night, the self-anointed “King of L.A.” and Hanks went to war, both holding pocket pairs. Airball had Hanks dominated in a bad way, his pocket kings crushing Hanks pocket eights. The duo decided to run it twice, to reduce variance, and somehow, the King’s kings couldn’t find a way to win either runout.

Alan Keating vs. JBoogs

Jeremy ‘JBoogs’ Levin, an HCL regular, joined the lineup and was playing one of the biggest games of his life. When he got involved with the always aggressive Alan Keating, JBoogs found himself in the middle of the biggest pot of his career – a $349,000 monster pot in which the river cooled off Keating giving him a straight against JBoogs full house.

These are just a few samples of the action that took place during the threepart stream. Although not featured in the hands above, Charles – who was subject to one of the largest losses of the week on Monday – came into the show and nearly made up for all of his previous losses this week with a $689K win. Santhosh, felted in the hand versus Airball, walked with just over $1.1 million in losses.

Here’s a look at the winners and losers of the longest stream in poker history.