WPT Amateur Poker League Champion Berten Dragten at WPT Ireland

Jan 9, 2012

Berten Dragten with the Royal Flush Girls at WPT Ireland
WPT Amateur Champion Berten Dragten with the Royal Flush Girls at WPT Ireland

For beating out 664 players at the World Poker Tour Amateur Championship at the Tropicana in Las Vegas back in April, Berten Dragten won a WPT Main Event package that gave him the opportunity to play in a number of WPT events. So far, he has played in WPT Legends of Poker and several regional events around his home state of Colorado. This past week he added WPT Ireland in Dublin to that list, giving him the chance to travel internationally to a major poker tournament and play against some of the biggest names in the poker world.

The below video interview was shot with Dragten before his bustout, talking about his WPTAC package and his tournament at WPT Ireland so far.

Unfortunately, not too long after the video, Dragten aces were cracked by a flopped set and he saw his tournament come to an end. This summary was taken from the WPT Live Updates post about his bustout:

The Word Poker Tour Amateur champion has been eliminated from WPT Ireland by, in his own words, “playing like an amateur… just like I am.”

We had dinner with Berten Dragten and Ross Boatman and they were discussing his exit hand. It appears that Dragten made a hero call after sensing his opponents weakness. His read was right but unfortunately for Dragten his opponents holdings were slightly better than our WPT Amateur champions. He is pretty down about the exit so we didn’t want to push him for more detailed info. Instead we thought The Royal Flush Girls Raysa Peres and Violet Dillon could cheer him up a bit.

Based on the smile the WPT AMateur Champion is wearing in the picture above, it looks like the Royal Flush Girls were indeed able to cheer him up.

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