WPT Online India: First Weekend Crowns Numerous Champions on Adda52

Recap provided by PokerGuru.in. Prize pool guarantees continue to crumble at the World Poker Tour (WPT) Online India series that played out its fourth day on Adda52. Needless to say, the WPTOI dominated the Sunday action, with a packed 10 side events on the day`s schedule that included three WPT trophy events. Without any further ado,…

Matt Clark
Nov 9, 2020

Recap provided by PokerGuru.in.

Prize pool guarantees continue to crumble at the World Poker Tour (WPT) Online India series that played out its fourth day on Adda52. Needless to say, the WPTOI dominated the Sunday action, with a packed 10 side events on the day`s schedule that included three WPT trophy events.

Without any further ado, here are the day’s highlights!

Several big guarantee tournaments graced the first Sunday of the WPT Online India series, where leading the charge was the ₹30 Lakhs GTD WPT Super Stack. Running from 8 PM to 4 AM, the tourney generated a jaw-dropping ₹35.90 Lakhs prize pool on the back of 718 entries. A relatively lesser-known player, Saahib ‘saahib’ Bawa, raced past the competition and outlasted Sarvesh ‘playhereforsure13’ Sharma (runner-up for ₹5.20 Lakhs) in the heads-up finale to clinch his career-first WPT Online title for ₹8.97 Lakhs. This happened to be Bawa’s second-best score on Adda52, while his best score continues to be the ₹9.18 Lakhs that he won for placing runner-up in the ₹40 Lakhs GTD AOPS Holdem Highroller on May 15. The Sunday night win boosted Bawa`s recorded earnings on Adda52 to ₹48.39 Lakhs.

Advait ‘ronaldinho018’ Rajguru finished third in the WPT Super Stack for ₹3.51 Lakhs. Rajguru is one player who has been in phenomenal form these last few weeks, adding numerous deep runs to his name recently. This includes a seventh-place finish in Spartan Poker’s ₹25 Lakhs GTD Destiny on November 4 for ₹72,500, third-place in the ₹5.5 Lakhs GTD The Flash on November 2 for ₹51,040, and a runner-up score worth ₹4.98 Lakhs in the ₹35 Lakhs GTD The Elite on October 30. He currently boasts of ₹87.85 Lakhs in lifetime online winnings.

Advait Rajguru
Advait Rajguru

The WPT Super Stack was not the only WPT Trophy tourney on Sunday. Two ₹20 Lakhs GTD tourneys played out on Adda52 last night, the WPT India Bounty Championship, and the WPT2500.

Sporting an entry buy-in of ₹6,500, the WPT India Bounty Championship recorded 340 entries, obliterating its prize pool guarantee. Rohan ‘rohan142’ Soman outlasted the competition to win the ₹7.71 Lakhs (includes bounties) first-place prize money, denying former Adda52 Team Pro Kunal ‘kunalpatni’ Patni (runner-up for ₹3.90 Lakhs) the WPT Online title.

Rohan Soman
Rohan Soman


The WPT 2500 registered 941 entries that generated ₹21.17 Lakhs in the prize pool. After 10 hours of intense play, Amit ‘tima1106’ More walked away with the title and the top prize of ₹5.15 Lakhs, even as Vashi ‘fiery’ Das finished runner-up for ₹2.80 Lakhs.

Even the ₹10 Lakhs GTD WPT Monster Turbo crushed its prize pool guarantee. ‘rohit010587’ raced past the 500-entry field to grab the lion’s share of the ₹11.37 Lakhs prize pool worth ₹2.65 Lakhs.

Himanshu ‘bagdwalhimanshu’ Bagdwal was another first-time WPT Online title winner on Sunday. He championed the ₹8 Lakhs GTD WPT Lazy Sunday for ₹1.20 Lakhs after striking a five-way deal with Abhiroop ‘Daniel90’ Gupta (runner-up for ₹1.09 Lakhs), Suresh ‘insanium’ Kolli (3rd for ₹97,675), ‘gauravgoru’ (4th for ₹78,484) and Navaneesha ‘np406’ P (5th for ₹77,949).

Himanshu Bagdwal
Himanshu Bagdwal


The ₹5 Lakhs GTD WPT Classic wrangled in 359 entries, experiencing a marginal shortfall of ₹9,965. Anonymous user ‘mukeshgahkot542’ took down the tourney for ₹1.25 Lakhs. Akshay ‘NoFuchsGiven’ Dhingra placed runner-up for ₹75,750.

Runner-up Akshay Dhingra
Runner-up Akshay Dhingra


WPT Super Stack ₹30 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹5,500

Entries – 397

Re-entries – 321

Prize Pool – ₹35,90,000

Places Paid – 72

The ₹30 Lakhs GTD WPT Super Stack began proceedings at 8 PM to muster a field of 718 entries by the time the late registrations came in. This helped collect a guarantee-busting ₹8.97 Lakhs in the prize pool.

Grabbing the WPT Trophy after eight hours of action was Saahib ‘saahib’ Bawa, who padded his bankroll by ₹8.97 Lakhs after beating ‘Sarvesh ‘playhereforsure13’ Sharma (runner-up for ₹5.20 Lakhs) in the heads-up play.

Advait ‘ronaldinho018’ Rajguru placed third to earn his best-recorded finish on Adda52 worth ₹3.51 Lakhs.

The top 72 places took a stab at the prize money, and Sandeep ‘homelite’ Rajora (5th for ₹1.79 Lakhs), Ashok Kumar ‘justmissed’ Kailash (6th for ₹1.25 Lakhs), Kunal ‘Charsilaladka’ Chaudhary (7th for ₹98,725) and PokerGuru Ambassador Arjanveer Singh ‘arjan30’ Chadha (8th for ₹71,800) were the prominent FT scorers.

Final Table Results

  1. Saahib ‘saahib’ Bawa – ₹8,97,500
  2. Sarvesh ‘playhereforsure13’ Sharma – ₹5,20,550
  3. Advait ‘ronaldinho018’ Rajguru – ₹351,820
  4. TheRedWaste – ₹2,51,300
  5. Sandeep ‘homelite’ Rajora – ₹1,79,500
  6. Ashok Kumar ‘justmissed’ Kailash – ₹1,25,650
  7. Kunal ‘Charsilaladka’ Chaudhary – ₹98,725
  8. Arjanveer Singh ‘arjan30’ Chadha – ₹71,800

WPT India Bounty Championship ₹20 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹6,500

Entries – 181

Re-entries – 159

Prize Pool – ₹20,40,000

Places Paid – 34

Taking off an hour after the WPT Super Stack on Adda52 was the ₹6,500 entry buy-in ₹20 Lakhs GTF WPT India Bounty Champion. With a crowded 340-entry turnout, the event comfortably rode past its listed guarantee.

By the time the last hand got dealt, it was 4.15 AM on Monday. The 35-year-old poker pro from Pune, Rohan ‘rohan142’ Soman, waded past several seasoned regs on the 8-max FT to emerge the champion to win a personal-best ₹7.71 Lakhs (includes ₹2.61 Lakhs in bounties) in prize money.

Former Adda52 pro Kunal ‘kunalpatni’ Patni picked a runner-up finish worth ₹3.90 Lakhs (includes ₹81,000 in bounties) – his second FT score in the ongoing series.

Shravan ‘sweatmyass13’ Chhabria was another player who added a second FT finish at the series, finishing 4th for ₹1.89 Lakhs.

Saurabh ‘Charlizard’ Ramola (5th for ₹1.91 Lakhs), Sagar ‘passivity’ Patnaik (6th for ₹1.37 Lakhs), Anirban D ‘ajgar5’ Das (7th for ₹79,200) and Ashok Kumar ‘justmissed’ Kailash (8th for ₹80,000) also FT-ed the tourney!

Runner-up Kunal Patni
Runner-up Kunal Patni


Final Table Results (includes bounties)

  1. Rohan ‘rohan142’ Soman – ₹6,40,516
  2. Kunal ‘kunalpatni’ Patni – ₹3,90,060
  3. tobirama – ₹2,24,400
  4. Shravan ‘sweatmyass13’ Chhabria – ₹1,89,340
  5. Saurabh ‘Charlizard’ Ramola – ₹1,91,175
  6. Sagar ‘passivity’ Patnaik – ₹1,37,000
  7. Anirban D ‘ajgar5’ Das – ₹79,200
  8. Ashok Kumar ‘justmissed’ Kailash – ₹80,000

WPT 2500 ₹20 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹2,500

Entries – 518

Re-entries – 423

Prize Pool – ₹21,17,263

Places Paid – 103

One of the major Sunday attractions on Adda52, the ₹20 Lakhs GTD WPT 2500, started relatively early at 4 PM. The ₹2,500 entry buy-in tourney had 941 players (518 unique, 423 re-entries) flocking to the virtual felts, bringing the prize pool to a generous ₹21.17 Lakhs.

Amit ‘tima1106’ More proved the last player standing and clinched his first WPT Trophy for a juicy ₹5.15 Lakhs.

More dominated his heads-up rival Vashi ‘fiery’ Das (runner-up for ₹2.80 Lakhs) while also outlasted a star-studded FT lineup comprising Ritwik ‘ritwik27’ Khanna (3rd for ₹1.90 Lakhs), Srihari ‘zombieballs’ Bang (4th for ₹1.36 Lakhs), Shravan ‘sweatmyass13’ Chhabria (5th for ₹87,866), Sagar ‘alwaysnutz’ Choudhury (6th for ₹61,400) and Suffraz ‘suffraz111’ Alam (7th for ₹50,814).

Final Table Results

  1. Amit ‘tima1106’ More – ₹5,15,550
  2. Vashi ‘fiery’ Vas – ₹2,80,959
  3. Ritwik ‘ritwik27’ Khanna – ₹1,90,553
  4. Srihari ‘zombieballs’ Bang – ₹1,36,986
  5. Shravan ‘sweatmyass13’ Chhabria – ₹87,866
  6. Sagar ‘alwaysnutz’ Choudhury – ₹61,400
  7. Suffraz ‘suffraz111’ Alam – ₹50,814
  8. TheUndecided777 – ₹40,228

WPT Monster Turbo ₹10 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in ₹2,500

Entries – 277

Re-entries – 223

Prize Pool – ₹11,37,504

Places Paid – 55

Keeping up with the trend so far at the series, even the ₹10 Lakhs GTD WPT Monster Turbo registered a guarantee-crushing turnout of 500 entries.

The tournament started at 10 PM and ran for six hours, eventually crowning a champion in the mystery user ‘rohit010587.’ The winner collected ₹2.65 Lakhs in prize money after striking a heads-up deal with ‘prakash7639’ (runner-up for ₹1.98 Lakhs).

Manish ‘manurathi’ Rathi (3rd for ₹1.16Lakhs), IOPC #120 Main Event –The Crown ₹3 Crores GTD champion Harshit ‘Harshit114’ Sanghi (4th for ₹85,313), PokerGuru Ambassador Parikshit ‘gigsy’ Dhall (5th for ₹60,288), and TLB crusher Neeraj ‘kumartomar’ Kumar (7th for ₹31,281) posted FT scores.

Final Table Results

  1. rohit010587 – ₹2,65,169*
  2. prakash7639 – ₹1,98,362*
  3. Manish ‘manurathi’ Rathi – ₹1,16,594
  4. Harshit ‘Harshit114’ Sanghi – ₹85,313
  5. Parikshit ‘gigsy’ Dhall – ₹60,288
  6. ANGELDUST – ₹39,813
  7. Neeraj ‘kumartomar’ Kumar – ₹31,281
  8. TheWerewolf – ₹22,750

*denotes heads-up deal

WPT Lazy Sunday ₹8 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹1,750

Entries – 254

Re-entries – 254

Prize Pool – ₹8,08,222

Places Paid – 55

Unfolding the WPT excitement early on Sunday was the ₹8 Lakhs GTD WPT Lazy Sunday that began at 4 PM. By the time the registration closed, the event had brought together 508 hopefuls to successfully surpass its advertised guarantee.

The 6-Max FT saw things eventually go down the wire with a five-way deal that saw Himanshu ‘bagdwalhimanshu’ Bagdwal being declared the champion.

Abhiroop ‘Daniel90’ Gupta finished runner-up for ₹1.09 Lakhs, with Suresh ‘insanium’ Kolli (3rd for ₹97,675), “gauravgoru” (4th for ₹78,484), and Navaneesha ‘np406’ P (5th for ₹77,949) also ending their run on the FT.

Runner-up Abhiroop Gupta
Runner-up Abhiroop Gupta

Final Table Results

  1. Himanshu ‘bagdwalhimanshu’ Bagdwal – ₹1,20,956*
  2. Abhiroop ‘Daniel90’ Gupta – ₹1,09,873*
  3. Suresh ‘insanium’ Kolli – ₹97,675*
  4. gauravgoru – ₹78,484*
  5. Navaneesha ‘np406’ P – ₹77,949*
  6. penguin07 – ₹28,288

*denotes five-way deal

WPT Classic ₹5 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹1,500

Entries – 213

Re-entries – 146

Prize Pool – ₹5,00,000

Places Paid – 38

The only event to register an overlay so far at the WPTOI, the ₹5 Lakhs GTD WPT Classic, booked a marginal ₹9,965 loss after attracting 359 entries.

Anonymous user ‘mukeshgahkot542’ bested online reg Akshay ‘NoFuchsGiven’ Dhingra heads-up to win the event for ₹1.25 Lakhs. Dhingra added ₹75,750 to his bankroll for finishing runner-up.

Vivek Pinto ‘vivloc’ Rosario (4th for ₹40,000), and Praveen ‘praveen2626’ KR (8th for ₹12,500) FT-ed the tourney!

Final Table Results

  1. mukeshgahkot542 – ₹1,25,000
  2. Akshay ‘NoFuchsGiven’ Dhingra – ₹75,750
  3. kutkut69A – ₹55,000
  4. Vivek Pinto ‘vivloc’ Rosario – ₹40,000
  5. Krifard – ₹27,000
  6. dharmpur1234 – ₹18,750
  7. Nit2Donk – ₹15,000
  8. Praveen ‘praveen2626’ KR – ₹12,500